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April 29, 2008

Yes last night after that, me and Kwang stoned in Jeevan’s room, while Jon is busy with his so-called ‘revisions’ for exam this morning. We laughed like hell watching at Jeevan played Zuma.

At first it’s just a bit of a laugh here and there and cracked a lil bit. Then again, I just remembered that i have a “laugh-injection” syndrome where when it really happens, it’s like you inject N2O into a car. Lol. (more…)


Scrap 1:53 AM 4/29/2008

April 29, 2008


Scrap 11:32 PM 4/27/2008

April 29, 2008

Scrap 11:32 PM 4/27/2008 (more…)


April 27, 2008

I know Motekke Sailorfuku 3cm skirt lah. 5cm/s? Sure boh? Will check it out soon, thanks Weroth.

Now Playing — So Close (Enchanted OST)

“So Close… so close…”

Didn’t really studied. Internet lousy. Dc/ed like god knows how many times.


Pissed. Tomorrow moving out.

No internet, left with my sole collection of notes.

Time to take back the responsibility and stop evading the truth.

1 liners FTW.

No srsly.

“Have withstoon pain to create many weapons,
Yet those hands will never hold anything,
So as I pray Unlimited Blade Works.”

Hands tired… Maybe due to my stuffs. Stomach hungry. Head drowsy. Sore throat. Ill mind.

I wonder how many people can actually go through this.

All it takes it’s just…. just one line.

… and that’s it.


*stop stoning and walk back to your damn room and sleep!*

“Just A Meaningless Kiss”


April 26, 2008

Today isn’t a very good day.

Wake up, tired.

Go lunch, then went Uni study. I see Jeevan also I got no mood to study. Wiki + manga. Then I go LYN + mail + Msn (nothing much, keep dc also, zld) + Photoshop (the userbar).

Wasted a few hours just like that, several trips to the toilet to get my consciousness back but in vain.

Anyway, sore throat when I wake up. Fuck.

I feel like dosing off the screen now. Just moved all of my stuffs to Kwang’s place, a bit leftovers for tomorrow. Fucker come back lah I need to tell you I want to move out tomorrow. KNS.

I’m so down right now… just that when lilgirl said “Today I get RM100!” I can’t help but cracked a bit. =P


Kyaaa… Hoshi no Koe

April 26, 2008

Which suddenly ring some bells in my head. Voices of a distant star. Nice and very very very x 99 touching anime (and manga).

Now Playing — Taylor Swift – Teardrops on My Guitar.

Yes, I woke up with a sorethroat. I see that coming. Damn Munchy. Let’s see. Last night read a bit. Then, Michael told me to read up more on the diagrams and we can get full marks for that question. Hmm, will do.


Hmm. I Should Be Sleeping.

April 26, 2008

I’m not touching cards until the end of my exam…. damnit. <_<

Damn you old Tally Ho’s, you make me wanna torture you over and over and over and over again.

Black Tiger in the room… too old and dying. Wayne’s back to Enig’s hand.

No new Tally Ho, and no time to practice.

All video comes out like shit, and I sound like a 3 year old kid eating sweets.

What the hell. Bahhh


Another Day… Just Yet~

April 26, 2008

“Almost another day… see the shooting star… tonight…. tonight” – FMA OST IINM. Lol.

Now playing — BoA – My Way, Your Way feat. WISE.

Well, someone nagged me for an update… so here I am using my Samsung Pleomax Black Keyboard attached to my Dell Vostro™ 1500 Lappie using a lousy Lexma mouse (which I need to go back to All IT to change a new one SAME BRAND as I lost the box… wtf on the last day (7th day after the purchase) so yeah… )

Highlights… Uncle Woo searched for my name in Google and returned my personal info. WTF. When I search I can only find my SMK ACS results lol. WTF.



April 25, 2008

Just came back from another toilet break. Been trying to study in the comp lab with my laptop, but I phailed miserably as expected. God.

Yes I’d been visiting youtube back home and there’s no sound suddenly. Guess it’s time to restart my laptop again. Gah.

Wen_loong wants to trade Factory Sealed with my Extreme Beginners. Hmm.

Factory Sealed is nice.

I lol’d again sometimes when I walk past somewhere… anywhere in fact. It’s like, somehow something out of nothing cracked me. Lol.

Well at least it’s better than sobbing away lol.

But I can’t study… sheet. I’m hungry too.

Maybe it’s a bad idea to study with the internet. Hmm.

Jeevan is back with… erm… bread? No cakes… damn lol.

I hope that I won’t make empty promises again.

Apple pie…

April 25, 2008

I sleep with a smile after that.