Effects of…


Love? Lol. No lah, this is the following effect after 1 pack of noodles, 1 big bowl of desserts (chinese version by KungYen) and the stupid me that tried to make red beans + sago and burned the damn pot… =__= am waiting for Enig to get me some vinegar or baking soda.

MyT case closed. I hope. =\

Today woke up late, woke up at 12, slept, woke up at 2.30pm, dad called and ask me something… and I swt-ed. Then slept, =P and woke up at 3pm.. Yeah I skipped lunch… KungYen called me for shopping (we agreed earlier) so he came over at 4 after I cook my eggs and finish them plus the leftover soy milk. Brian came late and the moment we walked out to the junction the bus almost at it’s destination… we went across to find a packed bus.

Saw a girl I think I (should be lah, unless she has another twin) I met in anime meeting. Hmm. Meganeko. Lol.

Sit at her place when she alighted from the bus, and chatted with Brian about picklocking, this and that. It seems that he’s very good at it @_@ and we all know that picklock sets don’t come easy and we can’t get it here T_T

I do remember how they teach me how to purge the small ones… and Brian is skillful with house doors… OMG.

I wish I know how, so that I can enter my room without using the spare key in the fridge T___T

Anyway, went to Giant, and I bought some meat for weekend or maybe the following week (emergency food supply), and then we joke about the Rm0.10 chicken someone bought at Puchong Giant that was posted on LYN. Lol.

Tried the curry mee shop, and it’s quite spicy for me la… >__> but I still finished it anyway (hey, I skipped breakfast and lunch for two days, and looking at the time now 3:15AM I’m gonna skip it again… >w<).

Watched some ol’ chinese shows… “Lan Heng Lan Dai” (pardon the canto-translation) [Good ol’ buddies] over Astro in the shop. Funny good stuff there.

Been humming the song for the whole day… In fact I manage to get my friends affected somehow… Brian just hummed it. Lol. Powderful song. *respects*

So took the bus back, and started boiling red beans until I burned the pot, played dota… Ah yeah that day I 2 on 1(Juggernaut) with them and I DK at lv 6 2 times… =P but then kena trashed la… Blardy Dazzle. Damnit.

But then… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. OT — Apparently firefoxian is just 12 years old… Kiddo. *laughs* =P

To nat and maybe others… me no longer using my full name gmail (actually I do), it’s now eXPeri3nc3@gmail.com (Anything just msn me)

Been pondering for a few days… Kinda puzzled. But anyway I’m gonna try my best. Screw doubleimagebuffering for not working with Brian’s code. Damnit.

And Java Lab Test next week. *Where’s my ExceptionHandling notes*

WingKalimdor (a.k.a Stephan) asked me if I want to join him for a Microsoft Thinking Day event in France in his team. I’m like wtf when I know jack. >w< Damn I missed a good opportunity. Ah yeah, to those who know him, he’s actually a MS Student Ambassador. I went like wtfbbqsauseonpastagotpwndjustlikethatomgomgomg1111111 when he told me that. Hmm.

Anyway, hoping to work (internship) during my upcoming 4 months summer break… But first exam and study first!

It’s misleading… god mind to clear it up for me?

I can’t make back the same hairstyle as to what I cut that day… Damnit. T__T How lah the lady make up my hair until like that… Now totally cannot achieve…


Did not practice magic… annual dinner and symphony is coming…


eXP. [ I found something cool by Buddha… ]

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

p/s — someone is really aiming on me and sonny in MyT. Who teh hell?


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