The Controversial Spannar-ing Topic


Ok don’t blame me (due to lack of sleep | or maybe someone I was chatting me left for a bath =P) I went and lurk around Cupids Corner as usual, planning to find funny posts to make my day.

Apparently I found this… so

Posted by Stefanov

no need to give that bf’s face.
if you tend to give her bf face.
i can confirm you will lose.

Never ever act like a nice guy,
nice guy does exist but in a different way.
nice guy = lose,
remember it

How true can that be? To what extend? Some people do mention about respect, and karma, this and that. I personally believe in karma. I really do. That’s why I told myself to be a good boy ^^.

But then again, it’s still a controversial topic where some people still think that spannar-ing is “unethical” and it’s not good la, this and that. Because of spannaring, friendships are lost, bad luck, more enemies, more troubles, then later regret, yada yada yada. The common rant and situation one can always see in CC.

The thing is, Caleb mentioned something interesting…

He told me like, “Dude, go for it. Spannar.” [That was when I ask him, willl you spannar someone’s gf (or was it something else, I forgot >w<)]

Then the reasons why he think so. He says if the girl is not willing at the first place, you can’t spannar. So, it’s actually somehow a mutual interaction. According to him spannaring is not wrong.

Ah yeah, some parties do mentioned that if a girl accepts herself to be spannared by another guy whilst in a relationship, the girl is confirm prone to future spannaring sessions… In other words she’s not loyal to one.

Which is in fact quite true I think. To a certain extend. After that, it’s all superficial or cannot be defined.

Heck, we are not GOD, we wouldn’t know which is true and which is false (tho we computer science students studied about Algorithmic Problem Solving which taught us about logical reasoning =P).

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Actually I dunno what am I doing now… LAN party but all also doing their own stuffs… Lol.


*ayw[g’mur — srw[ku um kpcr qorj tpy*

Chiper — keyboard dependent, left right char shift. Goes beyond the keyboard near the borders, rotate it on the same row.

vyr rii vls tiy g’cw ainwinw ‘st

Chiper — leftward shift, keyboard dependent.


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