I’m turning crazy over a feminine and assignments. Sheesh.

Yeah, call me whatever you want.

I am so infatuated. I wonder how, I wonder why…

I’m actually going through everything I can to see the details… Actuarial Science concept wtf.

Rev Engineering… Compile this compile that.

Tuckie…………… I remember your question. Why ‘that person’ … But I srsly got no idea, i’m not xinkalun-ing you la, but srsly… just maybe… ‘that person’ is a girl? Well I’m not gay fgs and thank god for that.

BTW house got broke in by some burglers, and thank god my angpao money and other *censored* stuffs still there. Just some jewelry gone.

My angpao is saved thanks to my Mum. She is an avid collector of angpaos… So the burgler flipped through each and every of them (but to find nothing inside, DUH). Then he went to my room, and saw my stash of angpaos… But never bother to open them… (the money is inside) OMG OMG OMG OMG

Yeah my OMG is Oh My God not Only MayAnne is Gorgeous (tho if she’s real she’s cute =P)

So… After all these years… pecah rekod. WTF. Sux weh.

Tan_pang moving back to his family… All the best dude. natakaasd dunno bout him la, PC always sot one. Lol.

I want bleach… just noticed it’s wed today 3:09 AM 3/26/2008

Dota-ed with Steph just now… =P Weeeee.

It will be a shocker if that person knows about this. Srsly. I think I’m gonna be in her banlist lol.

Too much information ady… =P

Stalker… is like me pulling Ichigo’s Hollow Mask xD

Ah yea I need to sleep. zzZzZzZZ. Waiting for Kungyen to come and cam,p overnight again. Lol. Got guard too. =P

!@#$%^&*()_ Someone stop me please…. Help~



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