Kampar Mali~


Back to hometown safely after alighting from the “random bus” (not Konsortium as tickets are sold OUT) at simpang pulai’s tol exit (thanks to the misunderstanding my dad gave me =__=) and took the Kinta Bus to find my way home.

Then, had a good meal from my mum (thanks mum!), and watched some vids over at Comedy Court… chill out a bit, let my parents know my exam results @__@

Then somehow I just went to youtube and redirected to HINDRAF rally vids, this and that, then “You tak suka, you keluar dari malaysia” (that fucktard racist), “Opposition is  coward” Nazri (or was it someone else) and so on (DUN vids).

Ipoh Timur LimKS and Batu Gajah was like practically assaulted by those BN GFN mutt.  If you watch that vid you will feel damn pissed. Reason being the so called democracy is actually a monarchy institution inside. Thank god opposition gained some rep among the ppl and at least they have a stronger say in DUN and Parlimen. It’s like, “Siapa setuju dengan membawa kes ini ke parlimen” (then all the opposition say yes) “Siapa tidak bersetuju” (then all BN mtfkers shouted yes). Then the chief was like “Dengan ini kes ini dibatalkan” I’m like stun 999999 secs.

WTFz man.

I pay my highest respect to the lady up there from Batu Gajah. Respect to the fullest.

Sleep time.


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