Ehto… Annual Dinner?


Dad didn’t say much, “Go ahead, just enjoy yourself”. I’m like wow. Cool beans.

Anyway, STPM results and SPM results was released a few days ago. Called my friends regarding their STPM results. Some of them got ok ok results… two of my friends got flat 4As… while one got whole Malaysia best urban area STPM award. Kao lat sialz. Lol. The one that got the award is my ex, EX tadika mate. Lol.

Man… I felt depressed when I looked at their results. Heck, even that time when I took my examination results I was like… stuncock there when I see a B in my paper. =\

I’m like… err… Fuck? Damnit. But anyway still ok for me as I learn it the hard way. SPM is not as useful as one think it is. The fact that it all depends on yourself when you go for higher education… things will not be the same anymore.

But then again, who doesn’t one a clean record after all these years? I got perfect, almost. Lol.

Steph(smacky) told me that she got 10As and 2Bs. I’m like… wooo gamer, blogger, <you insert here>, and nice results… respect. Smart girl. =D

On the contrary, I don’t understand why she can fail her license a few times in a row. Swt. Probably the teacher dislike her for some reason xD

Anyway, life’s tough. Assignments and stuff. Like just now I was rushing for Haskell assignment. Ah yea thanks to my friends if not I’m screwed. Seems like time is running out. Worse come to worse I’ll be holding lecture notes or books everywhere I go and time to format my comp >__>

I need to get back to hometown to get my blazer for “A Sea Symphony” in KLCC and annual dinner. Get to see my parents lah at least. It’s been 2 months since I last traveled back.

I can still remember my mum that time…

Mum : Why walk like that… not nice results?
Me : Err, *sighs*
Mum :*Looks at the slip* What? B for Bio? <- (I know la Bio starts with B…)
Me : What to do… I tried my best <_<
Mum : *Keeps reading the slip*
Friend’s Mum : Aiya, at least better than my son la *lolz*
Me and Friend : *swt* *swt* *swt*

Called my dad.. and he say… ok lah…


OT — Infatuation comes very easily for me. I can still remember the quote — “Pull my shirt and I will fall in love with you” xD

Time to sleep. Tired. Screw my housemate for turning off his router(maybe something went wrong).

Ah yeah, wirelesskeyviewer shows the direct WPA hexkey that can be directly used without dechipering. Wtf. Should had knew it sooner. Or maybe I should count the total words (63 alphanumericals).

Will be back, for more action. I hope. Lol.

Wish me luck in getting my priorities straight. God “hit *** me” =P.

P/S — Edit* — FD 635 yesterday. WTF.


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2 Responses to “Ehto… Annual Dinner?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    haha sorry now only i read this post.. i also never thought i can get so many As la.. and FYI, i din blog + din play dota at the intensive moment la! (the last few months before SPM)
    i really study one lar.. i everyday wake up 3-4 am just to study.. still remember wearing my pj and tying up my hair like a nerd study.. but still got my siblings’ accompany me la.. heheheh.. that time is really really.. OMG..
    very stressed man.. you got B for Bio? i got A2! surprisingly! šŸ˜†
    i always failed my bio one.. then i got A2 wtfffff!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    Add math also get A1.. always fail also.. hahahaha scared meee!!
    hmm sweet memories.. once in a lifetime SPM.. now over liao.. T_T

  2. Stephanie Says:

    and you got 1 B only ma.. i got 2 Bs la.. -.-”
    be proud of urself lah aduii

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