Koi No Mikuru Densetsu


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)


The Bottom Line

Have you been having odd dreams lately? Ignore them, and focus on reality.

In Detail

Have you been having especially odd dreams lately? If so, it’s just a sign that you are going through a brief phase of confusion. Don’t let disturbing images at nighttime distract you from what you need to take care of in the daytime. Instead, ignore your night visions and get some order back in your daily routine. Once you focus on your conscious life more closely, your unconscious life will get back in line. Base your actions on what you want — not on what you fear.

My goodness. How accurate is that man.

Art of deception rocks! Art of peeping at others messages rocks too. I found out something… Man… geez. >”<

Min min mikurunrun mikurunrun! ~~~



One Response to “Koi No Mikuru Densetsu”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    hey i got alot of dreams too!
    not to say weird, just very mou liu.. haha know what doest that mean?
    huh.. art of peeping…..? you peep other ppl bath?! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

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