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I can has cheezburger

March 31, 2008

Will b away. Don’t ask why. Nobody cares.

Addenum Edit — d y r [ j s m o r

Super edit 3:21 AM. <- I lol’d. Made my day.

“I made an accomplishment” <- So should I


Hmm… ESP?

March 31, 2008

You see… premonition for me is kinda accurate…

When I look at the nickname… auto banlist + cumlist + < what ady ah LOL>

Now playing — Eminem – When I’m Gone

Just finished a few rounds of poking orge and pudge. Very lag. Damn.

Cryptic Paragraph:

Should I? It’s like… what man. I don’t really get it. As it is the ‘code’ is complicated, if I want to add new `functions` and stuff I don’t even know if it will accept and run or not. Sheesh. Comment la properly… Swt.

Nick… Weroth PMed me… ask me not to be emotional… I was like.. uhh? Then he points at my nick… I’m like… Oh. Anti-depressants. I might need those. Lol. But no, better still, I rather laughing gas. XD

I found mine, just that it’s not mine. The price is really expensive. Guess ‘things don’t come easy’ huh.

And when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn
Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice
Just know that I’m looking down on you smiling
And I didn’t feel a thing, So baby don’t feel no pain
Just smile back…

You might think I dont look
But deep inside
In the corner of my mind
Im attached to you
Im weak
Its true
Cuz im afraid to know the answer
Do you want me too?
Cuz my heart keeps falling faster

I’ve waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing thats true
So I will not hide
Its time to try
Anything to be with you
All my life I’ve waited
This is true

Flue… *Sneezes*

March 30, 2008


Now Playing — Kingdom Hearts II – Utada Hikaru — Final Distance

A worthwhile reading article: Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived:

I like this…

Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered:
Because only Time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.”

Better do my work now. Was watching DotA replay just now… Ks vs XcM (1 hour 40 minute game), blardy good strategy, builds, and killing tactics! FTW game.

Wait a min, did I not mentioned that Caleb told me that MagicGarage guys are blardy good? Oh well. Expected. @__@

Damn. Lol.

Now playing — Kingdom Hearts — Hear My Cry – Utada Hikaru

*Clapping with one side of your hand hurts* (what a paradox)

Before Bathing…

March 30, 2008

Just woke up, and before *as above*, I came to my senses last night while pondering. I should have edited the damn screenshot at Myt. =_= Damnit… my email… ah.

Anyway, hopefully my is forwarding properly. It will act as my proxy now.

Hopefully the ‘hacker’  will be so stupid as it is now. Lol.

I’m not saying much in case he sees this.

But anyway, you suck.

Time for bath and later cook. Thunderstorm damn heavy and dangerous over here @_@

Effects of…

March 30, 2008

Love? Lol. No lah, this is the following effect after 1 pack of noodles, 1 big bowl of desserts (chinese version by KungYen) and the stupid me that tried to make red beans + sago and burned the damn pot… =__= am waiting for Enig to get me some vinegar or baking soda.

MyT case closed. I hope. =\

Today woke up late, woke up at 12, slept, woke up at 2.30pm, dad called and ask me something… and I swt-ed. Then slept, =P and woke up at 3pm.. Yeah I skipped lunch… KungYen called me for shopping (we agreed earlier) so he came over at 4 after I cook my eggs and finish them plus the leftover soy milk. Brian came late and the moment we walked out to the junction the bus almost at it’s destination… we went across to find a packed bus.

Saw a girl I think I (should be lah, unless she has another twin) I met in anime meeting. Hmm. Meganeko. Lol.

Sit at her place when she alighted from the bus, and chatted with Brian about picklocking, this and that. It seems that he’s very good at it @_@ and we all know that picklock sets don’t come easy and we can’t get it here T_T

I do remember how they teach me how to purge the small ones… and Brian is skillful with house doors… OMG.

I wish I know how, so that I can enter my room without using the spare key in the fridge T___T

Anyway, went to Giant, and I bought some meat for weekend or maybe the following week (emergency food supply), and then we joke about the Rm0.10 chicken someone bought at Puchong Giant that was posted on LYN. Lol.

Tried the curry mee shop, and it’s quite spicy for me la… >__> but I still finished it anyway (hey, I skipped breakfast and lunch for two days, and looking at the time now 3:15AM I’m gonna skip it again… >w<).

Watched some ol’ chinese shows… “Lan Heng Lan Dai” (pardon the canto-translation) [Good ol’ buddies] over Astro in the shop. Funny good stuff there.

Been humming the song for the whole day… In fact I manage to get my friends affected somehow… Brian just hummed it. Lol. Powderful song. *respects*

So took the bus back, and started boiling red beans until I burned the pot, played dota… Ah yeah that day I 2 on 1(Juggernaut) with them and I DK at lv 6 2 times… =P but then kena trashed la… Blardy Dazzle. Damnit.

But then… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. OT — Apparently firefoxian is just 12 years old… Kiddo. *laughs* =P

To nat and maybe others… me no longer using my full name gmail (actually I do), it’s now (Anything just msn me)

Been pondering for a few days… Kinda puzzled. But anyway I’m gonna try my best. Screw doubleimagebuffering for not working with Brian’s code. Damnit.

And Java Lab Test next week. *Where’s my ExceptionHandling notes*

WingKalimdor (a.k.a Stephan) asked me if I want to join him for a Microsoft Thinking Day event in France in his team. I’m like wtf when I know jack. >w< Damn I missed a good opportunity. Ah yeah, to those who know him, he’s actually a MS Student Ambassador. I went like wtfbbqsauseonpastagotpwndjustlikethatomgomgomg1111111 when he told me that. Hmm.

Anyway, hoping to work (internship) during my upcoming 4 months summer break… But first exam and study first!

It’s misleading… god mind to clear it up for me?

I can’t make back the same hairstyle as to what I cut that day… Damnit. T__T How lah the lady make up my hair until like that… Now totally cannot achieve…


Did not practice magic… annual dinner and symphony is coming…


eXP. [ I found something cool by Buddha… ]

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

p/s — someone is really aiming on me and sonny in MyT. Who teh hell?

MyTorrent a.k.a Malaysia Youth Web Portal Scandal

March 29, 2008

Well, I never knew that I can be that ‘famous’ until I ‘involve’ myself in a gay video scandal over there.  Lol.

Apparently it was a doing of some retards which have nothing better to do and got my acc password and posted crap over there.

Also he manage to know my full name. Hmm.

You want to post my gay porn go ahead la, because I don’t have one at the first place.

Ah yeah, if you want to impose some naked dude as me, please choose some good looking ones rather than a pathetic dork, dork.

Thanks to SonnyCool for his smart actions to ban my account at the first place to prevent further damage inflicted to the board and his co-operation… (it’s his board anyway =P).

The Controversial Spannar-ing Topic

March 28, 2008

Ok don’t blame me (due to lack of sleep | or maybe someone I was chatting me left for a bath =P) I went and lurk around Cupids Corner as usual, planning to find funny posts to make my day.

Apparently I found this… so

Posted by Stefanov

no need to give that bf’s face.
if you tend to give her bf face.
i can confirm you will lose.

Never ever act like a nice guy,
nice guy does exist but in a different way.
nice guy = lose,
remember it

How true can that be? To what extend? Some people do mention about respect, and karma, this and that. I personally believe in karma. I really do. That’s why I told myself to be a good boy ^^.

But then again, it’s still a controversial topic where some people still think that spannar-ing is “unethical” and it’s not good la, this and that. Because of spannaring, friendships are lost, bad luck, more enemies, more troubles, then later regret, yada yada yada. The common rant and situation one can always see in CC.

The thing is, Caleb mentioned something interesting…

He told me like, “Dude, go for it. Spannar.” [That was when I ask him, willl you spannar someone’s gf (or was it something else, I forgot >w<)]

Then the reasons why he think so. He says if the girl is not willing at the first place, you can’t spannar. So, it’s actually somehow a mutual interaction. According to him spannaring is not wrong.

Ah yeah, some parties do mentioned that if a girl accepts herself to be spannared by another guy whilst in a relationship, the girl is confirm prone to future spannaring sessions… In other words she’s not loyal to one.

Which is in fact quite true I think. To a certain extend. After that, it’s all superficial or cannot be defined.

Heck, we are not GOD, we wouldn’t know which is true and which is false (tho we computer science students studied about Algorithmic Problem Solving which taught us about logical reasoning =P).

Now Playing — BoA – The Face — My Way, Your Way feat. WISE

Actually I dunno what am I doing now… LAN party but all also doing their own stuffs… Lol.


*ayw[g’mur — srw[ku um kpcr qorj tpy*

Chiper — keyboard dependent, left right char shift. Goes beyond the keyboard near the borders, rotate it on the same row.

vyr rii vls tiy g’cw ainwinw ‘st

Chiper — leftward shift, keyboard dependent.

7.30am… Man New Record

March 28, 2008

Yeah, I slept at 7.30am+- this morning… Due to rushing my database (mysql) database that’s to be submitted later on (just now we did). I felt like I’m dying when I dragged my feet home to sleep this morning. Gosh.

My parents will KILL me if they know. =s Not to mention other ppl too… =P

So, I missed the chance to relax and tensioned made it’s way up since last night… Well guess later I’ll just hibernate and cook something for dinner… (heck I skipped breakfast and lunch).
I’m catabolic since last night. Damn.

Kinda… well… Never mind. =P

Michael always come out with crap and shocking stuffs… “I know who you like in our class”… and I go wtf? doing assignments then suddenly can come out with such things…

Then he goes on to call KungYen Stephanie (and purposely ask KY why I call him Steph to annoy me) due to my nick change that day… I go SWT all the way and ignore that. -___-

Anyway, DB submitted. Still got website… Then need to read up on some php basics and do the website, and not to forget BASH programming. God.

Firefoxian apologised for his stupidity in Technical Support, and I’d forgive him. =D

Am addicted to BoA — Happy Birthday and Way Back Into Love… Thanks to Steph I found this song after so long… =P Hmm I remember once I saw a Taiwanese singer sang that… Don’t bother asking me for the name as I am not so aware about celebrities. Lol.

I’ve been living with a shadow overhead,
I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed,
I’ve been lonely for so long,
Trapped in the past,
I just can’t seem to move on!

How true this is =P

Anyway… All the best. I’m like… well, I don’t really know but… “positive does attract negative” syndrome is within me now. Ah… guess one really cannot control that feeling.

BTW Caleb (the magicgarage mod) xD went back to Ampunk ady… So fast. Over the past few days he’s been touching and molesting me >_____> KungYen kena also xD

Then Uncle can go and taste his wrath next time… Muahahahhahah xD

I can still remember that night when Caleb was talking to his cousin sister (and apparently all kinds of flirting styles, chats and notation flew out like a waterfall tongue.gif ) and I was there dota-ing with Steph wub.gif… until my coursemates was like on MSN saying to me I’m a freak (got assignments but dunwan to do, still can play dota) . =__= dry.gif


What’s wrong with dota-ing with a girl I know (partially re-sentenced tongue.gif)?

Everyone left the lab. Just now Kungyen called me and asked for dinner plan. Guess I’ll walk over to his accommodation hall now for dinner. Soup~ it seems to be. Hmm. We’ll see.

So many Indonesian Chinese in my campus have been trying to pull a lot of ppl into those MLM schemes and the so-called ‘good plan to earn money while studying’. I rejected a lot, heck, even the ones I know also told me to join la, this and that. I refused. I rather buy a domain name just for fun than to join those.

Caleb was like talking to me that day… letting me know-how to something… I was like WTF it works and is there such kind of way to do things? Guess I need to learn moar from him muhahahahahhaha xD (don’t worry it’s not about downloading pron or gay sex or suprise buttsex xD)

Damn you Caleb, I need a girlfriend before I turn gay due to the frequent molestation >w<

And KungYen admitted he’s a bastard. Lol. xD

I’ve been looking for someone to shed some light,
Not somebody just to get me through the night,
I could use some direction,
And I’m open to your suggestions.

I am… =)

With love,

eXPeri3nc3. *doses off*

p/s — in NS we wake up so early and sleep early… now… sheesh. Major change in personality too… lolz. No longer timid.

Super p/s laugh.gif — 47,073 Users Enlightened w00t xD ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gif


March 26, 2008

I’m turning crazy over a feminine and assignments. Sheesh.

Yeah, call me whatever you want.

I am so infatuated. I wonder how, I wonder why…

I’m actually going through everything I can to see the details… Actuarial Science concept wtf.

Rev Engineering… Compile this compile that.

Tuckie…………… I remember your question. Why ‘that person’ … But I srsly got no idea, i’m not xinkalun-ing you la, but srsly… just maybe… ‘that person’ is a girl? Well I’m not gay fgs and thank god for that.

BTW house got broke in by some burglers, and thank god my angpao money and other *censored* stuffs still there. Just some jewelry gone.

My angpao is saved thanks to my Mum. She is an avid collector of angpaos… So the burgler flipped through each and every of them (but to find nothing inside, DUH). Then he went to my room, and saw my stash of angpaos… But never bother to open them… (the money is inside) OMG OMG OMG OMG

Yeah my OMG is Oh My God not Only MayAnne is Gorgeous (tho if she’s real she’s cute =P)

So… After all these years… pecah rekod. WTF. Sux weh.

Tan_pang moving back to his family… All the best dude. natakaasd dunno bout him la, PC always sot one. Lol.

I want bleach… just noticed it’s wed today 3:09 AM 3/26/2008

Dota-ed with Steph just now… =P Weeeee.

It will be a shocker if that person knows about this. Srsly. I think I’m gonna be in her banlist lol.

Too much information ady… =P

Stalker… is like me pulling Ichigo’s Hollow Mask xD

Ah yea I need to sleep. zzZzZzZZ. Waiting for Kungyen to come and cam,p overnight again. Lol. Got guard too. =P

!@#$%^&*()_ Someone stop me please…. Help~


What is the secret of true love?

March 25, 2008

The Secret of True love

Before we can discuss the secret to true love, you must understand that true love is a gift that has to be valued and nourished. It’s not something that you find one day like a beautiful seashell on a beach and put it up somewhere to be admired. True love is a part of life that has a life of its own. Value and nourish it, and it will grow and become deeper and more valuable. Find it, give it no value and forget to nourish it, and it will die. Simple as that.

The first secret to true love is knowing when you have found the love of your life, your other half, the one who is more important to you than even yourself, the one your entire being tells you is the one for you. That may happen one day when you look across a room and meet the eyes of her or him, your eyes lock and your heart jumps, and the eyes you are looking into tell you that the same is happening on the other side of that gaze. It could also happen when you are out with someone that you have dated casually for months, but never really felt much of anything for. Suddenly, one night, your heart could leap as your eyes meet or your lips touch. Knowing you have found true love might be just a quiet knowing that the person is the one for you. It happens differently for different people.

After meeting your true love, the secret to keeping the love alive is to unselfishly put the other person before yourself and communicate with that person in a positive and open manner. Many great relationships have lost their pizazz due to mistakes of one or both becoming selfish and not communicating with the other. Even those who have found their true loves have lost them because of the hurt and disappointment caused when the love of your life’s actions and words say “you don’t matter,” “I’m for me first,” and similar things.

When two people find true love and each puts the other’s hopes, dreams, desires, and feelings above their own and communicates in such a way as to build the other up and share their innermost thoughts, beautiful things happen! The true love that was found grows into something more beautiful than a rose, deeper than the deepest ocean, and stronger than anything imaginable. Anything less than being unselfish, putting the other before yourself, and great communication and it’s tough for even true love to survive.

Addenum — Copyright wiki (All rights reserved)