Wee CNY… Another boring kickstart.


Yeah, this year’s CNY just couldn’t get better. So freaking dull. Not much activities too… I gamed a lot. Anyway, blame the govt for banning firecrackers. Lol.

I’m in my Ubuntu 7.10 running under VMWare Workstation typing this post rawrrrr xD

It’s so freaking cool. Now I have to find a way for Ubuntu to detect my wifi card whilst running in VM. Damnit.

Actually IPW3945 is a very good card. Seriously. I just noticed when I read the articles. God damnit why DELL never teach us to utilise it in Linux xD

But too bad VM doesn’t detect it… Fuck. =__=

CNY is boring, never visit my pet-sis…. damn. BTW, I know some might be expecting liek, “Ah yeah, I got laid” in my blog, but apparently it’s not happening so sorry guys. Lol.

I’m actually downloading Bleach just now… using Deluge in Ubuntu. Thunder still pawns the speed bigtime… Downside is you can’t even surf the internet if you use Thunder. It LEECHES OFF each and EVERY single drop of network activity available.

BTW Deluge is just normal… Maybe I should try pr0n or something else. Lol.

Anyway, Ubuntu is cool. I can’t help myself repeating it. Terminal does wonders…. seriously. But then, it’s hard. HARD.

Guess I’m gonna try Backtrack once I burn it as a liveCD. Wifiway ain’t working… that bitch distro. xD

Going back to campus soon… Damnit. Something random — I actually never skip the Jalur Gemilang song while it’s playing in my winamp in Windows as I can’t press my hotkey to change the song while in VM xD =___=

All I know Malaysiaku Gemilang makes me remember moments in NS and Sean. Well. It’s still a bit sour… But good news is recovering.

I hope I can get my priorities straight when I go back campus. Sleeping time lah, this and that. I need to work on my body too… Exercise!

BTW, If all goes well in learning linux I WILL INSTALL A DUALBOOT. Serious shit.

The Myth by Jackie Chan… — The girl is kinda… cute. =P

Summer Snow — I still haven’t find the freaking soundtrack! Oh damn.

Now playing in Windows XP SP3 (instead of Ubuntu xD) — The Day You Went Away — M2M

Copyright eXPeri3nc3 08. ARR. * I can’t input Alt+0169 in linux, can I? xD*


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One Response to “Wee CNY… Another boring kickstart.”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    now you learn Grasshopper….. 🙂 but i still am on 7.04….
    more stable… and direct downloads and using Ktorrent its freaking fast!!!
    (BTW to max out the speeds… you must not VM it.. it must run as a os… partition a tiny space… 10 gb should be sufficient…

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