This is So True


Originally posted by cope_with_loss, Jan 29 2008, 01:39 AM
Once upon a time, God created a garden, God relax, God created man, both of them happily relax, God make a huge mistake by creating woman and neither one of them had chance to relax. Here’s where the new hell of earth begin…

In this new era of ever changing society, human are slowly polluted with material that can betray their softed heart into brutally evil heart. Earth is like hell, utopia is just a dream far far away to be reached. New group of evils are born and governed by group of bi@tch that thought their vagin@ is plated with gold. They called themselves gold-digger. They are everywhere, hunting for new parasite to home and suck away all their money, these innocent creature(parasite) called “MAN” work hard and long hours with sweat/blood innocently being robbed by these evil gold-digger who has nothing good but good in lying and pretending to be a good lover that say will love you forever but indeed what they love is money. Money turn them on, they can do anything if you got money, they can say I LOVE YOU millions times when you have money, you can asked her to kiss your butt if you got money, you can sleep with her countless times when you got money. But when you have no money, they fleet in lightning speed. Gold-Digger tagline “We only share Good Times, Not Bad Times”.

The truth is Gold-Digger has nothing good but a flower pot with no inner beauty, they have no brain to think of better things to do instead their brain fluid is full of evil thought to suck “MAN” money, or more appropriate a living society whore. God make a mistake, but God has a solutions, a women outer beauty has a limit, outer beauty isn’t gonna be forever, they will get old and rotten, but inner beauty is forever, they became precious in longer run. Gold-Digger often has no good future. We always thought that world is unfair, it’s because we haven’t been to future yet.

Gold-Digger has long being hated by society, but yet many of innocent “MAN” still lure into their trap because they understand “MAN” too well, they know you desire for “HOT and SEX” stuff. Often, Gold-Digger are Bi@tch like and sexy object, Gold-Digger comes with big and small player, big player can be seen in night club and night spot(disco or pub) where “MAN” use to spend cash at, small player can be seen in college looking for working guys to hook at, these college gold-digger are not using their brain to study but their vagin@ to earn money, just to show off their new gucci/lv bag to their friend.

Gold-Digger and Materialistic are friends, when you say you are broke, bankrupt or with lot of debt, the next day you will see she is with other guy. You don’t have to cry and feel sad, she’s Gold-Digger, it’s how they survived. If you haven’t bump into one, you gonna thanks god, or thanks God you are too poor being attracted by them.

If you have plenty of money and don’t care, go ahead. But I would suggest you to donate your money to charity. They are not tame animals, they change faster than the weather. Good Luck~


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