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2:55 PM 1/28/2008

Yeah it’s me and I’m finally back. There’s a lot of overdue stuffs which until now I still haven’t finish them yet, which include my blog posts, logs in TSF, and stuffs. Everything’s getting complicated now, not very but there exist problems of somewhat that kind.

I’ll just state what I’d been through lately. After exams (which is quite a relief), went to KL for my cousin brother’s wedding dinner. Did enjoyed myself quite a bit there, although something’s wrong with the food and I got diarrhea that day. =___= Nevertheless I’ll take that as a ‘trip’. Went to the Eye of Malaysia too, took some photographs with my handphone which I will update when I feel like it (or at least not as dead tired as now!)

No holidays for the first week, straight away start our course semester 2. God knows what my result is and please get me out of this crisis. I did my best.

Anyhow, peer pressure finally showed up. Very tense. Been observing that since last semester. It’s like, cmon lah one friend (dad’s a mathematician), another friend (Star Scholarship student as well, System Admin) =_= and other random ppl which are no way worse than me.

Caleb’s having his hols, 3 weeks! God damnit. *grunts* Anyway I cried when I watched Summer Snow (during the last epi). I’m like OMFGWTFBBQPWND I see that coming, but not that way! I forgot you can either donate your heart when you’re brain dead (in other words pass away), or suicide. Dang.

Been trying wifi hacking for the past few days. IPW3945 can be used, but not in VMWare when everything ran so smoothly (no Nvidia kernel errors at all WTF) but cannot detect my wifi card (as VM doesn’t support PCI/PCMCIA peripherals WTF =_=!). So gotta burn out backtrack and see if it detects. Hopefully nothing’s gonna go wrong this time.

That guy upstairs using WPA key… I’m like fuck. Shouldn’t have told him to change it. Anyway, my real plan was to target the router in IS department. They hid the SSID summore, gotta ask the forums the way.

Also, need to ask Bryanyeo87 for which card (Atheros preferrable, Prism, Orinoco) USB wifi to get. I’m willing to fork out money just to try hacking WEP/WPA/WPA2 man. I do.

BTW Backtrack and wifiway is cool. Interface way cooler than windows. Just that don’t know why wifiway cannot load my nvidia driver kernel while it’s fine in VM. WTF weh.

Need to do a lot of reading soon too. There’s just too many stuffs to learn. But then again what kind of reading should be done as it’s really too abstract.

Just that when I see the vids on cracking WEP keys I’m like if you have the correct tools it can be done in like a few mins if the key is weak, or even if it’s a strong one (provided it’s WEP) you can still search for the hex. WPA I dunno, you need a handshake, as deemed by other people. I got no idea until I try it (or get a correct tool damnit!)

Ok lah better sleep now as I woke up 5.30am in the morning as there’s no electricity and my air-cond went kaput just like that. Better get some sleep and later go post this post lawl xD

Jyaaaa neh. BTW I got a photo for Kapas Hall at night 3am. For Susan. Gonna post it up soon. Will nudge her when I do. Nyaa~*

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR. 3:08 PM 1/28/2008

The theory of relativity is interesting, I
seriously think that it’s quite fun to know
how Einstein said it to the media by that
time. Think of someone very pretty, and I’m
sitting beside her. Your view, you’ve lost
and time flows by ever so slowly, somehow
on my side time goes by just like that as
I’m talking to her or even faster as usual,
normal human mentality, when you’re with
someone you like or fond of you think the
time is just not enough. But for the stoning
poor guy over there, guess that’s the attitude.

The above paragraph is meant to be crpytic, it consist clearly of what I want to say implicitly. Think of it and dechiper it. Very straight forward and easy. Just a normal hint (Prison Break fans!) — The chiper used when the son sends his assignment paper to his dad in prison. The exact same one.

Have phun trying. If you succeed, feel free to post it in the comment. I’ll look forward to see how fast someone can see it. eXP 3:17 PM 1/28/2008.


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