I’m Screwed Big Time


This is what I’d posted over in Lowyat in CoaBH.

FUKKKKKKKK!! doh.gif

My mum saw the photos of me hugging Sean. =.= Awh fuk.

I hid it under the car’s carpet, gonna hide it in my pocket once I reach home. Today I went Taiping to find back my NS friends, and take a few photos.

Then suddenly midway of the trip my mum grinned evilly saying that you’re hiding something from me eh? My instinct tells me that I got pwnd. I did. doh.gif

Apparently while I’m talking to my friend at the garage my mum got NBTD and clean the carpet… and saw the photo.

Now, just now she gave those photos back to me, slapped the photo on my hands a few times. =.= She say why so intimidating with her… vmad.gif The worst part is, don’t try to put this on the internet or your blog. WTF vmad.gif vmad.gif cry.gif

The most dangerous and expected place to hide stuff (pocket) is always the safest place. vmad.gif


Added on December 29, 2007, 9:19 pmThank GOD my parents don’t know she WAS my gf in my camp… dry.gif

Will post more details later. I got a lot of stuffs to do.BRB.

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One Response to “I’m Screwed Big Time”

  1. Heidi Says:

    ouch! the least expected place for ur mom to find the photo and she still managed to stumble upon it! o_O

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