Unexpected Call


Yeah. Around 1.30am while I just finished playing CS MYT Server, then thought of looking at the notes then sleep. But, suddenly, my w850i, battery left like 12% hummed [“只对你说 (林俊杰)” – Lyrics Here]. So, being me, I will be like… not expecting that tune, it’s like “Did I set that as my ringtone? No right?” picked up the phone, silent it, and notice her picture and she’s calling me… I’m like wtf! o.O At this time of the day? Picked up the call, and talked to her. I got shocked the moment my phone rang… It’s like 1 month plus without her news.

I can elaborate what we talked about, but that’s gonna be in another post. Just that she cried, and made her happy, talked a bit, burned RM14 from my phone so I’m left with RM0.75 after that (Well, she called for 1hour plus and purposely dc the phone [as usual])

I slept at around 4, tho we finish our conversation around 3. Roll here and there, pondering on what she said. Suddenly, everything is like so clear to me now. No more guessing.

So, woke up, went out with amyhs99, sent my handsfree for warranty, if cannot warranty that means I’m screwed bigtime. =\

Now playing — Lyrics — 我有今日 (侧田 Justin) – Click here

Went out TT with mel_mel, she’s gonna move back to Pengkalan, and she’s entering NS this month. Talked a bit to her, then performed tricks to her. Her eyes are sharp, damnit. She can see my turnover *tut* OMGOMGOMGOMG… Caleb… *evil grin*

She changed quite a bit, but still that wacky. Lol. She got a new phone too. SE duno what model name ady, pink colour and quite stylish. Eh, don’t play play, her speakers can almost match mine. Even my speaker can’t cover her sound.

Anyway, say farewell, and I went home. Turned on MSN, and I SAW SUSAN NEKKID!!!!!!1111oneoneone

Well, not exactly, but, it does look like it

She’s hawt Too bad my stuffplug is not installed earlier lawl xD

Anyway, gotta go. Will elaborate on her call later.

Highest call streak — 1 hour 27 minutes.

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