Phone Call


After 1 month plus of not calling / messaging me, she called.

Now playing – M2M-The_Day_You_Went_Away

She wrote that song in my diary… wub.gif ah well…

Anyway, after playing CS MyT Server last night and was about to start studying she called for 1hour 10 seconds and hang up. So, I called her back and I’m left with RM0.74 after 27 minutes. sweat.gif

But hey, it’s worth it.

She called (she’s crying that time, and I knew although she denied), and she says that she’s having flue. Right, can’t I differentiate it?

Stuffs happened in Genting Highlands. She got pissed by an Uncle treating her as one of the ‘China Girls’. So, after a while, she told her bf about that and her bf just scolded her, “Why don’t tell me earlier?!” Her reaction that time was like… Emotional, very. So I just listen, trying to figure out wtf happened. Lalalala here and there, and she complains to me that her bf can’t give her the safety feeling, and never fight for her in that case. I persuade her to relax and forgive that mortarforker, and made her laugh. I made it! Lawl xDD laugh.gif Some jokes here and there, and she’s happy again. That was my best success ever. So chatted along with her, knew something about our relationship back in National Service (which was not WRITTEN IN MY DIARY).

So I’m like, why don’t you write that down? “Why Should I?” Then tell me lah… “Yeah lah, if not you won’t know for the rest of your life”

Knew something, and the prank message is indeed her bf’s work. Knew it.

Well, she says that again, “If she knew me earlier, she won’t be that unhappy for these few weeks”. Complains about how her bf neglect her, play games, don’t care, etc… Rant.

What can I do? Listen only lor. My mum also forbid me and her to be together, so if they do break, I can’t do sh1t.

Just felt like crying during that conversation, but I didn’t. Memories. Indeed.

She says that I understand her better than her bf does. I knew her for 1 month plus (2 weeks being together), while her bf courted her for 2 years plus.

She kept saying the gift I gave her (actually I mentioned it in the first place, heh tongue.gif) — The box filled with candies work way better than the teddy bears she got from her bf. She never haven’t touch the candies yet tongue.gif awww wub.gif

I told her before, when she’s sad, unhappy, <insert here>, watch the disc. The effect might vary from this less to THIS MUCH, but it will definitely make you happy. It did. I’m glad it did. All the effort I put inside that particular disc, can’t be bought. The effect I got, priceless. wink.gif

Now playing — Euforia [Angelic J-Trance Remix]

And the moment is here, she ask me to move on. She don’t want me to be sad and dwell in the past because of her. She felt miserable that she destroyed my life just like that. I promised her to move on. I even made a joke that if she really get engaged and married please invite me to her wedding ceremony. But that time I’m actually very sad. What to do… So she told me that if I change my number must tell her. Well, of course.

Sometimes, this world is filled with miracles, it’s just that when and where and on who will it spark.

Imagine two people from different culture background, different place, met  in a small place, unknowingly became a couple just because my friend teased us. Lol.

It’s so cute (to me at least).

I miss all the cuddling, beating, pinch, pat, etc. It’s the same case for her. Her bf don’t even know what she wants (after she pat / beat him). Sweat.

So, after ending the call, I felt relieved somehow. At least I got an answer already. Moving on is a correct choice.

However she will still call me Honey **** **** heh, vice versa.

Time will cure the pain. I hope.


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  1. chingy Says:

    Nice once. =D


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