New haircut… =D


Yay, I get a new haircut. =D Pictures below.

Anyway, woke up around 1pm yesterday. Cooked everything in the fridge, eggs, beef burger, tomatoes, garlic, onions. Caleb offered me his milk last night, so I finished it. =D BTW, Caleb’s performance not bad. Haha.

Erm, it taste not bad. Finished everything, catch the bus to Kajang KTM. Went there with Brian, KYen, Siow. KYen suffered major stomach ache which made us left the train a few times. Anyway, me and Enig managed to reach Ampang by around 6 something. The others went to MidValley for movie. “Golden Compass” is not that good according to Michael.

Went to Enig’s house, ate dinner there, surf there, slept there. Lol. Faced BSODs with my WLM, gotta check it out later. I’m using windows messenger, which made me can’t see other people’s avatar. Geez… =( Kah Min’s avatar’s so cute… =p

Went out McD with Caleb’s friend, Adib. MMU guy, studying accounting, band performer(bassist). I performed tricks to him, keep hitting him until he got so stunned. Best audience so far. =D Performed more than 20 tricks… Kickstart with Do As I Do and end with a gaff card shape*tut*

Never knew the reaction I can get will be that superb. Maybe it’s just him. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, enjoy scaring him. Lol.

Today, woke up late, went to Time Square, before that had lunch in his house and say farewell to his mum (Thanks for the food and accomodation auntie!) and went for a haircut in Michael and The Guys. Pictures as below. The girl is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. I’m serious. I never drooled thank god. =P

I actually manage to flirt with her. Even Enig was like… “Dude… *swt*” He was having flu, so can’t talk to that girl. Too bad then. She speak in Cantonese too, and Enig converses in mandarin. =D

Me, being a kampar-ian, am proud that I can converse in Cantonese. xD Chatted for the whole session. She’s cute… aww *blushes*

Let pictures to the talking.

Before haircut

She’s so cute… =3

PuduRaya changed a lot since the last time I used it (1 month ago)

My new hairstyle =3

I’m gonna go back there again, despite the fact that it costs RM25 for it (includes hair wash and styling)

Well, I fail to get her number (as she hid somewhere when I paid the cashier), so I can’t see her. Damn. Lol.

But seriously, that’s the first time I flirt with an unknown girl till that extreme. Wow.

So after that bought KFC, went to PuduRaya, take the bus back to Kampar. When I came back, I saw Karen(Karrot™), and I got shocked. She say that I’m more handsome and thin before this (Ah damn! T_T). Well…

Gotta end this now. Need to check the cause of my laptop’s BSOD. BRB.

*Ah yeah, Moon messaged me “do u forget me…” (that bitch of course I will never forget how the hell I got tortured in NS)

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  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    check it out!!! respec man..

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