5:52 PM 12/13/2007


5:52 PM 12/13/2007

Now playing – M2M – The Day You Went Away

NS memories.

Ah well. Sad. (Single.Available.Desperate)

Am sorting mp3’s I got from Shaun(Caleb’s friend) last night after I ‘fix’ his computer. NTLDR missing… oh my god.

So sad but true, for me that’s only you
Been crying since the day, the day you ran away…

I remember Mel singing this song in a Karaeoke Competition back in ACS last time. Hmm.

I think I never really post this before, but since I finally have some free time here it goes:

Almost all of my girlfriend / the one I like / love / adore / stalk / <insert here> all starts / contains / ends with the “an/en” sound. I’m like god damn it’s a curse (or blessing in disguise o.O)

F2 (forgot her name)
Ana (NS)
Moon/Mun (NS)
Sean (NS)
PSan (U)

Don’t misunderstand, not all of them are my gf/ex. Only 2. Ah well. @_@

Now Playing – Unknown Artist – Loving You (FTW, the one in friendster, annoying yell, Original Verison)

Going back hometown soon. Dell still haven’t contact me wtf. Geez.

Saw Caleb’s presentation via recorded video. Youtube friendly *hehe* Saw Celest, then messaged her. She’s taken. Lol. xD Expected.

Foundation guys… =_= Been there so I know. Nottingham is sad lah.

Caleb got 18/20 for his oral presentation… WTF T_T

Gonna storm into Caleb’s room later and say “Suprise Buttsexxxxx FOOOOOOOOOO” xDDDD

Damnit, I’m stoned.

Guess I’ll enjoy the whole night while I still can before I turn into beserker mode. I can’t get back my old form wtf! 729 pages in 3 hours! Godlike!


Shit happens… Not only in the toilet, but everytime, everywhere.


Now Playing – Love Me Tender

That guy seriously have good taste in music. *respects*

Gotta conclude this. Ah yeah, gotta post pictrars for dear Susan in next post.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved. 6:07 PM 12/13/2007


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