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Tsundere (ツンデレ?) is a Japanese character archetype describing an initially combative personality, which eventually becomes loving and emotionally vulnerable, normally found in Japanese anime and manga.

[edit] Terminology

Tsundere is the antonym of yandere where a person is initially loving, then combative, often brutally so. The definition of the term has evolved to apply to not only characters who change from harsh to gentle but who are cold on the outside and kind internally. Tsundere is a combination of the two words tsuntsun (ツンツン?), and deredere (デレデレ?). Tsuntsun is defined as “aloof, morose, pointed”, and deredere is defined as “exhausted, lovestruck”.[1] Tsunderekko (ツンデレっ娘?) is a related noun, referring to a girl with a tsundere personality. While the term is most often applied to women, it is gender-neutral and can be applied to men as well. While tsunderekko are not exclusive to Japanese entertainment[2], the term tsundere came about as a result of the need to describe the many tsunderekko found in games and harem anime. Like nekomimi, tsundere is considered a moe-inspiring character trait.[2][3] The concept has received increasing attention in Japan, with a tsundere cafe opened in Akihabara[4] and tsundere-themed products released (like Tomy Co.‘s portable television set,[5] and the concept increasingly reflected in recent anime, from an extended discussion of the meaning of the concept and its origin on the internet in Lucky Stars Lucky Channel segment to merchandise for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya classifiying the characters according to tsundere-ness.



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