p.s i love you


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have you ever had the urge to tell someone you like/admire that…..you like them? i don’t know bout you, but i certainly have. had been thinking of this for a few days now, asking myself why is it that we don’t tell them that we admire them? what is it that we’re afraid of?

we tell our friends about it, but why can’t we tell him/her face to face? i was just chatting with one of my friends the other day, and yea he agreed with me, why can’t we just express how we feel? let that person know bout how we feel, and then continue on with our lives. at least that person will know that there’s someone who cares for him/her. its better than having to assume and having to suppress that feeling we have. its super tough lor…why keep it inside? i mean..We don’t HAVE to get into a relationship just because we’ve expressed how we feel, right?

so why don’t we let it out? i think its mainly due to the fear of rejection, or humiliation, or embarrassment. but then again, if we’re just letting it out, letting that person know, and have that mindset of moving on despite whatever happens, then it shouldn’t be a problem right?

and…if a girl decides to let the guy know, does that count as making the first move? cause i have that mindset of guys should be the one who gets the ball rolling, but then again, if i wait till whoever makes a move, i’ll probably be a moss already, haha. i remember, that i always have this thought, gosh, what if i’m lying on a hospital bed right now, dying, what will i do. I’ll probably express my feelings to that person cause its my only last chance. but then again…do i want to wait till i reach that time? won’t i be a little too late?

what do you think?

sometimes i just wish i have the courage to let him know
well..maybe, just maybeone day

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p/s — Clara! Unfair weh… You know who I like and I don’t know who that guy is… =(

My opinions after reading this article
It’s so damn true xD Humans are complicated beings. You can’t simply mind read another person. If you do, you will be earning tons and tons of money (*winks*) or maybe get whatever you want. Humans have AT shields as well, psychologically[Neon Genesis Evangelion] in their mind.

Well, maybe I’m a bit off. So, in my own experience, I hate people who doesn’t let people know what they don’t like. Just say it face to face lah, you god damn hypocrite. If you don’t let the other person know what you want / think / have in mind / need / ; you can quote me on that; forever he/she will never know about it, unless other people that knows about it tell him/her. I tell her that I like her and went for her. It’s a miracle that I got her *special circumstances* *ahem* — Well, at least I tried, I let her know, and I go on with my life. Get the keyword here? AT LEAST I TRIED. Some wussies will be like… “Aww, I never tell that person I live him/her, now I regret…” Been there done that.

Life’s only once, and time flies as we age. When that particular person is gone, he/she is gone. If you keep everything to yourself you’ll be like, er, suffocating yourself? Or maybe even worse some turned into stalkers and some even commit crimes. n;t

Can’t we humans be more expressive regardless of gender? Why must guys always express first? Don’t girls have the same right in doing so? I mean, cmon’ man, we are humans, we have feelings and emotions. BTW (OT) — For those who call people emo, ask yourself a question. Are you human? If yes, stfu bitch and move on.

All in all, screw what other people thinks about you. Do it, or regret that you didn’t do it. I never regretted, as I did it. Thank god, although it’s sour to part ways with her. Heck, no one’s happy when they part ways(be it officially or not), unless he/she is not committed into the relationship / or a casanova.

Geez, assignments. BRB.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. Some rights reserved for this post only. *Thanks Clara — You have to let me know once you tell him ok? =D*


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2 Responses to “p.s i love you”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    relax la bro…. so tension one… gila kamo?

  2. clara Says:

    hey there!! YAY!! finally!! hahaha nice read too!! yes, urging me even more to tell him hehe, ok i’ll let u know la, but i think only next year hehe.

    oh n u told her? wah lau, geng!! no regrets eh! good!

    anyway, so funny la when u quote me, make me sound like an author 🙂 k see you around in uni!

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