Lol Rant at 4am in the morning xD


4:05 AM 12/2/2007

“They say nothing last forever, we’re only here today… love is now or never… bring me far away… Take me to your heart.. take me to your soul… give me ur hand and hold me, show me wha tyour love is, be my guiding star… it’s easy, take me to your heart…”

Oh damn, my typing is slower than the song. Damn it. AH.

What to do… 4 in the morning… Sunday morning. Right. If it weren’t the stupid AI Java code I would be sleeping now.

Now playing — MLTR — Take Me To Your Heart

No wonder I can’t message Kung Yen, my credit expired. Thought of messaging CM to wake her up lol… <_< Wonder how she is now… I saw her photo in someone’s friendster and like… It’s been a long time.

Ah well <___<

I manage to code the stupid code, dunno if it’s correct or not, but I manage to reduce the states… xD

Now playing — Aqua Timez – Alones (Bleach OST)

I’m stoning to this long lol.

Now I feel the stress. God damn I wish I had 48 hours per day, so that I can sleep 12 hours and work for 36 hours straight!

BTW, that day my coursemates came over and I turned into cook-of-the-day (partially lol). Cooked fried rice, fried potatoes and curry(canned ones <_<). Turned out quite well, and it’s fun. But very tiring. Not to mention boring. Lol. The kitchen is still messy, will clean up today.

The same goes for my room. Geez. If this house is under Pioneer I’ll call the maids to do it. Well…

At times looking at my phone screensaver… Don’t know if I should be happy or sad…

I wonder how many people actually read my blog. I felt so insecure nowadays especially after ‘that’ incident (Ms Sri Fatimah).

Geez, gotta wrap up AI by today, or start doing APS coursework (which means I need to read). Not only that, there’s still website and oral presentation, until now I still haven’t got a reply from my tutor. Sweat. <_<

Seems that if I really calculate properly, I got no time to study at all if I go back to my hometown. I swear to god that shit happens and shit always happen.

BTW, today I performed to TJen (Alias — Tangent) quite a number of card tricks. He is amused… Stoned there as well… Speechless. For that kind of epic moment — priceless. Lol.

It’s been a long time since I last performed to someone… Not that long… But if I were to do random tricks on the spot (creating it on that very moment), and until now I still don’t know how I did that just now lol.

Aww damn I’m hungry… It seems like my stomach is really turning into a blackhole… It gets hungry every 2~3 hours <_____<

Better get some sleep as later need to clean up my room and kitchen. Chiaoz.

Will get a domain name soon, after exam. I mean FINAL EXAM. Lol. xD

P/S Being single isn’t really a bad thing afterall, despite the fact that one have to DIY and feel lonely most of the time. Lol. To me, that doesn’t really matter. I just want someone to care for me… with a true heart. That’s all I’m longing for. Hot chicks are borned to be cockteasers, or maybe SPGs (sarong party girls), hence = impossible.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR. *w850i and L760 photos will be uploaded soon!* 4:19 AM 12/2/2007


2 Responses to “Lol Rant at 4am in the morning xD”

  1. dylan Says:

    I still read ur blog…rotfl

  2. natakaasd Says:

    Still Reading your Blog though. 😛

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