Seasonal Rant


9:01 PM 11/23/2007

Something random happened. I brought the pack of sweets I bought for Ee Sean that time to my room (in Semenyih). So when I was clearing my desk just now I decided to eat one. When I was about to put it into my mouth it fell off to the floor, and I actually frantically looked for it and put it back into my mouth without even thinking twice to blow it. *Pause* Well, it does bring back memories, and Jay Chow’s song does miracles… Those kind of BGM… Geez.

I can still remember how hectic I was just to prepare her present. I cannot do anything when my mum’s around, so I have to resort doing stuffs back in the camp. Even so, practically I got no time to do so, so I did it during midnight while everyone’s asleep. That time I’m in Dorm Alpha. My heart beat goes wild this moment…

Mint plus… Cool Blue… Her favourite.

Anyway, that gift was worth it. Each sentence I wrote in that piece of paper made her smile. At the very least I manage to make her happy.

BTW did I mention what I put inside the gift box? A bunch of candies, some of them are glued to the box with a love shape. Yeah, don’t know how that got into my mind that time, but, it’s all good in the end.

I even put 4 sea shells I got during Khidmat Komuniti that time… and gave her the present during raptai for Malam “Lambaian Kasih”.

I can still recall that I ran around just to find her some songs… Well, it was my fault for not having a burner, but hey, finding particular songs ain’t that easy ok… Some more I still need to depend on Bin that time… Even the recordings are done using his Nikon. He was a bit annoyed lah… But never mind lah, he would have forget that by now lol, a few months ady.

Well, there goes 2 months. Fast, yeah, it is. So far no calls, messages, news from her. I know I shouldn’t dwell in this any longer but my heart just fails me. Right, my laptop is syncronised. Now playing — ff9-04-17-bittersweet romance. Sad midi…

Even if we get together, for some reason my mum dislikes her. She say that she’s sooooooo blur. Well, in reality she is. Lol. If I ask myself, I’m not able to answer it. Why I like her so much? She’s not like those pretty girls, I mean very pretty ones walking on the streets of KL, nor outstanding ones. She’s just plain Jane, and yet I still like her. Maybe that time, that moment, something sparked between us, and yeah thanks to my friends too. I never notice it at first, and thank God I go for her EVENTHOUGH she has a bf in real life. (What to do, I’m in National Service, way seperated from real world xD)

If I’m not with her, I bet I’ll be a real sad motherfucker after being dumped by the bitch. I am sad anyway what the hell xD

I wonder if she still remember who I am… The used-to-be-my Honey…

Rant when one’s single, rant when one’s attached.

This is god damn true.

Life must go on anyway… Hopefully I can get over the pain… No she didn’t dump me… but something happened which made it even worse…

Put it this way, we didn’t break up and part our ways during the last day. We did part our ways lah, but… You’ll get the idea. Then after that series of sad messages came, and until now I’m just… don’t know lah. Sigh. The last two weeks spending with her in National Serivce was the best moment in National Service I would remember of.

BTW wonder what happened to Keong as I can’t called him, prolly he would ended up:
1. He lost his phone
2. Sitting in prison (for his acts outside)
3. Gone AWOL (away without official leave)

My parents just met Kok Hin, he’s fine, still working in Bandar Baru.

I still haven’t receive photos from Sean… She said that she will send… Right… How long ady ah? Geez. Chia Yan said that she’s gonna post the other photos to me too. That fatso FeiKim went to Singapore so he got no time to post me photographs as well.

Ah well… Other people like Celestia and Chee got photos from their camp, I got none. Oh wait I do have a few photos with a few fucktards in National Service.

OT — Tomorrow I need to return back my Samsung SGH L760, gonna have high-tea in Starbucks Ikano. If I can win, it’s a freaking miracle. Ah well, I do hope that I can get the phone for free… Lol. Seems like mum’s interested on the phone. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Time to start work I guess… as I got no more time left. In fact, assignments are pilling up, I shan’t slack more.

I really miss you dear*~

–And no this is not an emo post you faggot =D, if that’s what you’re thinking–

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved. From my motivational poster — “Whom who treated you well, the one you’d lost… FIght for it! Study hard!”

p/s well practically she don’t treat me that well <_< all those pats, pinchs, pulls, etc… But it was worthwhile. I can’t have it now (from her)… for the rest of my life probably.

9:25 PM 11/23/2007


4 Responses to “Seasonal Rant”

  1. chingy Says:

    Helo =D

    R’lationships in NS doesn’t last long; =P

  2. experi3nc3 Says:

    OMG that was epic fast reply! ZOMGZOMGZOMG

  3. Mir` Says:

    tht was truly a sad story.. Tears..crawls down my cheek man.. I’m gonna blog bout you in my next post.

    God bless.


  4. chingy Says:

    Epic fast meh?

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