Chingy was fast with the comments. Lol. Pro.

Anyway just a few couple of highlights before starting report editing.

  1. Domain name, gonna try to get something cool, short and easy to remember. Somehow related with my nick. Any ideas? Chingy?
  2. Returned my Samsung SGH L760, never bought it even though discount 50%. Too hard to be used for my mum.
  3. My Seasonal Rant actually made Jeevan shed his tears… I got shocked.
  4. My friend(a girl coursemate) heard ‘stuffs’ calling her at night in TTS4. Reports from Kwang saying that there’s similar cases happening. I shall conclude that the place is dirty, as I’d been there and I felt uneasy. I can tell.
  5. Websurfing from my w850i is way cooler than SGH L760. I like the way Sony Ericsson thinks, they give you landscape viewing =D Tried that last night before going to sleep lol.
  6. I’m stuff with assignments and a test. Shit.
  7. Brian (goldfries) mentioned that he actually manage to learn faster than what his previous college teach him. Geez. <_<

GTG now. Tata.

©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.


2 Responses to “Aaaah”

  1. chingy Says:

    Em em, perhaps, em..

    Relate something to your name?


  2. thejuggernaut Says:

    …see not only i am in tears… even Mir is… 😆

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