Something’s Fishy…


I just noticed that Beve is using Joyce-y’s photo. Hmm. Does that show anything? Yes. She does sound weird. Hmm. Lol.

Or maybe I have too much in mind. Hmm. No wonder the eyes of her doesn’t look like the picture I saw aeons ago. Geez~*

Ah well, back to room later, “try” to do work, tho I am supposed to send my group members some stuff, but apparently they are in my laptop, not pendrive. =_= I just g0t 0wn3d.

BTW, just had Japanese cuisine in Kwang’s house… Not exactly very grand, but it served it’s purpose. It kept my stomach full… But I’ll be craving for supper soon so… Ah well. Oh a cup of sake is fine too. =D

I will be returning my Samsung SGH L760 this Saturday… Do felt a bit sad to part it although I don’t really play with it much. Tried recording last night when I was in Michael’s room, will post it to Youtube soon. Quite clear. =D

Here are the links:

Read the article here — Samsung SGH L760 Technical Review (Layman Terms)

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