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November 14, 2007

I’m not gonna stay up till 4 in the morning again! Damn tired now… LAN party really flats you out.

Geez, I screwed up in Java Lab Exam… Actually I can get 3 questions correct, but no, I mistakenly saved the wrong name (hence overwriting my existing correct answer) =_= Sheesh

Yeah, 4 in the morning. Nope, she(Sean) didn’t call me this time. I don’t even know what’s happening in Genting lol.

Ah well. She said she’s busy. Hm… I got questions to ask but since things turned out this way, let it be lor.

BTW I finally found an EX Kamparian in university, and he’s my coursemate. xD

Went out dinner with Michael and 2 other coursemates. Full…~* Ah.

I still haven’t write a review on SGH L760… OMG.

I never knew Michael is a Star Education Fund receiver as well. ZOMG1111111111


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