9:01 PM 11/11/2007


There goes a few days of my life. Geez. Still got a lot to do:

1. Website for Financial Planning (Skills for Communication), APS Assignment (TBA), CSA (Revision), AI Coursework, Java Lab.

2. TSF Logs (Read CF Thread <_< )

3. Samsung L760 blogging. Oh damn.

4. Revision

5. Missing her each moment…

6. Anti-Bitch mode = On

Sheesh. BS dc, kena owned, dc, dc, dc… Tulan sialz. Anyway I spent my weekend in Cor’s house, got internet connection, and lan party and stuffs. Sam went back, so I slept on his bed.

Gotta thank him soon.

Never knew someone would be such a bitch. =_= Srsly.

Menos Forest… lawl Cero… xD

Oretta… Awai Tsubasa… =D

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR. 9:07 PM 11/11/2007



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