I ell yuu wee ~*
百世修来同船渡,千载修得共枕眠 (bai3 shi4 xiu1 lai2 tong2 chuan2 du4, qian1 zai4 xiu1 de2 gong4 zheng3 mian2) (hundred+generations+cultivate+return+same+vessel+crossover, thousand+transport+cultivate+obtain+together+pillow+sleep)
o Literally: It takes hundreds of reincarnations to bring two persons to ride on the same boat; it takes a thousand eons to bring two persons to share the same pillow.
o Moral: It is fate and yuanfen that brings two persons together, value an encounter and treasure a relationship.
o Note: These two phrases do not rhyme, but have parallel grammatical structure, i.e, subject to subject, verb to verb, etc.
o Usage: Sometimes used in marriage counselling to advise the couples having problems to resolve it, before making any hasty decisions.

I raa n te~*
* 世上无难事,只怕有心人 (pinyin: shi4 shang4 wu2 nan2 shi4 zhi3 pa4 you3 xin1 ren2)
o Literally: On this world there exists no such impossible tasks, they fear only those with perseverance.
o Moral: No task in this world is impossible so long as there are willing hearts.
Perseverance… right… I wish I had more. <_<

I Tee SS FFF~*
* 玉不琢不成器 (pinyin: yu4 bu4 zhuo2 bu4 chen2 qi4)

o Literally: Jade requires chiselling before becoming a gem.
o Moral: a person needs training and discipline to build character.
I made a lot of mistakes in TSF, probably got blacklisted T_T Anyway, given the enough time to practice and memorise the stuffs there I hope I can improve… I’m not giving up! Zetai~

I Hopez~*
* 人算不如天算 (pinyin: rén suà n bù rú tiān suà n)
o Literally: Man’s schemes are inferior to those made by heaven.
o Figuratively: Man proposes and God disposes.
*Prays god now* nyaaa~~


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