Hello World!


Hello World!

The time now is 12:46 AM 11/2/2007. I’m typing this in Notepad on my Dell Vostro™ 1500. My precious baby. =)

Tired… Still rushing on my APS assignment, and there’s a lot of stuff to do once I hand out this assignment ‘today’. Look at the friggin time!

Yesterday was my birthday. Quite dull at first, what to do, I’m a loner anyway =P Miss her! Never really made a birthday wish as there’s no birthday cake (doh!), but I did cleanse myself with kemenyan and worshipped my amulet. Don’t ask me how to do it, a medium should be helpful to you. =P

Forgot exactly what happened… Ah yeah, went to SA and surf for a while before COrnelius asked me to go to the Blue Building to take his pendrive (he left it there =_=). He should be thankful that I went there as there is a class soon after I sat down there for a while. Had lunch in SA, as usual the food there is not up to the expectations. Went to Tiscra3 and do some stuffs, manage to do the assignment a bit. A bit, ah well. <_<

Went to F1A23 (I forgot there’s UNiMAMS meeting on Monday >__>) and got greeted by Kwang and JC ‘Happy Birthday’. I grinned from ear to ear. Never in my life felt so happy that instant. Probably it’s the wonders of words? On a special day. Now I understand how a girl like “I love you” so much under certain situations. HMm…

Anyway, played Touhou, it’s damn hard >”< After the meetings we went to Kajang Dai Zong for dinner… As usual my Chicken Chop Rice (RM3.50 xD) came late. Kena scolded for looking at the projector while eating… >”< Anyway I’m a fast eater. Went to Baskin Robins on Halloween’s Day (my birthday xD) for 31% discount on ice creams. Yummy ice cream.

Forked out around RM15+ for a quad of ice cream (I share with Jeevan, half of it still in Kwang’s fridge xD) Ate it in Kwang’s house, and Kwang wants to make me drunk with Sake, but apparently that was not strong enough. It’s a weird thing when my face turned VERY red but I got less effect. I’m still conscious, but it’s just a bit blurry at first. The first sip of the sake is the killer. I’m like ZOMG o.O then everything turned out ok. In fact in the end I want to finish the whole damn bottle… Man did they put weed inside? xD

“Cheers to you turning 18, and losing your virginity by probably next year I suppose, and probably I’ll be able to keep mine, so… ah well… Toast!” That’s what Kwang said. It’s just funny. LOl.

Played mahjong, won two rounds straight… and everyone wanted me to lose… they’ll do all sort of stuff to make me drunk… *recalls the memories of drinking one can of Anchor Strong and ended up stoning in Kwang’s bed <_<*

Later went up to Jeevan’s room, Daniel transfer some stuffs, and I just sit there and stone for a while. Jon performed Indecent… and failed xDDD

When I was about to leave the house, Kwang came down and gave me a shirt… Birthday present! Woot! Thanks guys! It’s black in colour with grey stripes. Gonna use it during oral presentation. Hahah… =))

My mouse which is working fine back then failed me this morning when I wanna use my laptop. I’m like WTF you stupid mouse! Gotta send it back to AllIT and change to A4Tech. =_=

Went to comp lab, checked my mail, and a comment from ‘her’ just made me stone there… It’s still under pending, just give me some time to think if it’s reasonable to let it published. I just notice that my blog is no longer safe for posting. Discreetion is needed.

Probably will catch up with my live logs once I finish my assignment. Time to be back in the Academy.

Ah well, guess shall end this. I’m finally legal!

BTW, I watched porn (did it on purpose) when I came back half stoning (face red like… erm, red). Got shocked when I looked at the mirror. I know Ee Sean will definitely laugh at me when she sees my face like that… =_= As I’ll tease her everytime she blushes… =P

If only she’s with me during my birthday… What could I wish for more? (Besides sake / liquor ofc xD)

To conclude, porn does go well with alcohol. Ahem, I mean when you are stoned and you don’t know WTF you are doing, well, OPPORTUNITY. It just knocks once.

That’s how I got up with Sean anyway… so guess it’s true. Lol.

18 years of my life, definitely it’s once of the coolest day ever!

Screw to what bad / mishaps that happen to me, live life to the fullest!

Now, time to get back to work. >”<

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved. I’m 18… Finally. (Shit, I grew older T_T) 1:04 AM 11/2/2007


2 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Cheers my friend, :sniff:

  2. chingy Says:

    Lol; porn…

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