Yeah, I’d been bz nowadays… can’t really think about what I’m buzy with, it’s just that I don’t have access to the internet all the time. Like what happened a few days ago.

Anyway that day went out with coursemates, sent one of my friends (HaoYao[Chinaguy]) to Hospital Kajang, and teh rest of us went to a mamak shop. Was about to discuss the assignment we have (AP) [Shoot, still got more now >”<] only to find that we don’t have the question paper with us. Heck, so we sat down there and ordered some drinks. I performed to Michael only as the angle is way wrong if I do it to Brian. He knows a lot too, so… Yeah.

Went to McD, discussed with them about teh assignment after asking HY (He remembers some =_=), so did it on the spot.

Sent him back to hospital again… need to wait… yada yada, dinner, then head back to Semenyih. Went for the music thingy in SA, later head off to Brian’s room to test Bridging using LAN and WiFi.

Apparently Windows Vista does it automatically whilst Windows XP won’t, you need to force a network card or WiFi device to promiscuous mode. Brian made that work today (we dc/ed like nobody’s business last night, and played till 3am plus).

Retired on my bed and woke up around 9~, dashed to class… then went out for lunch. Basically nothing much and just for the discovery of the bridging method.

Anyway, I’ll be inactive for a while I guess… Also, my Dell Vostro™ is fingerprint unfriendly! Still haven’t tweak my laptop yet as I got no tools/softwares yet.. It’s gonna take some time.

Guess I just found my life? I’m not that lifeless after all, I got so many stuffs to do and study!

p/s — Shoot, I still got photos from Samsung SGH L760 and Sony Ericsson w850i to update! Dang.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR.


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One Response to “Inactivity…”

  1. chingy Says:

    Don’t be lazy =P

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