Hoshi no koe – “The voices of the distant star”

Just read it, quite nice. It’s just that the story is a bit hanging at the back. Was expecting something a bit better… Well gotta give credit to Enigmatic, the funky guy who lives beside my room for giving me this manga while I’m stoning. Good choice. Anyway, before I emo over what happened yesterday I might as well just mention a bit about what I have in mind about this manga.

Yeah, the editor for this manga is still fresh, but from my point of view she did a quite good job, despite the fact that the ending is not up to expectations. The plot and story, it’s just… nice. Weird, it does somehow reflect to my current situation.

Well, guess gotta say that it’s a good read, at least after reading it I got a better grip of myself now.

Back to reality.

Yesterday… well, I’d posted before that shit happens… I would like to say that shit really happens. What will you do when you receive some anonymous message claiming that he/she knows someone special to you (), and you just can’t help it?

My emotion was so screwed up yesterday just because of one message. Mantras or sutras can’t even kick in (when I want it to =_=).

What does it feel like to be humiliated in a group of people? Ah well.

What does it feel like if you fail to contact someone who you care very much?

What does it feel when you didn’t get any feedback from someone you know?

I guess that’s life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I hope I won’t be dead by then. =P

Right, yesterday sent and email to Dell asking for a status update, and that fella (Michelle something something) said that it’s still in manufacturing process… and today they called me up saying that they’re gonna deliver my laptop by tomorrow before 5. =_= Yeah right, you can finish my laptop a day, why don’t you do it a few days ago? =_=

Anyway, at the very least I can still get my laptop, so yeah. =D

Yesterday night while I was emo-ing, I grabbed two cubes of ice and gripped my fist as hard as possible… I’m giving my palm frostbites, it’s painful. Then when I throw the ice away… (here’s the screwed up part) my bracelet flew away and vanished in mid air, while the ice fell back to the same place. I’m like WTF and I lost it. X_X Damnit, it’s from HK! Yeah I know it’s cheap but what the hell…

Anyway, at least I got what I want (not everything, and not always). I really hope that mantras work, as I know that this year ain’t good for me. Nothing to do with the biorhythm calculator… It’s proved in the chinese forecast book and the stories of what I’d heard, so… tough luck.

Well, I glanced into the lowyat’s Valentine’s Day picture… It was stated in the picture that…

Happy Valentine’s Day — Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye


Just hope that I can get over and done with, what’s done is done, just keep it that way.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR. *Blogging in Enig’s Desktop!*


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  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    Gambare o!

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