ZOMG Samsung SGH-L760 3G Mobile Phone in Malaysia!


Ah well I guess sometimes you won’t expect something happened to you as you never expected it to happen at the first place. Lol. Anyway, there’s an event held by Tech ARP and Samsung Malaysia called Samsung-Tech ARP Bloggers TT Program (for more info click here), and yeah, I got invited. Wee~* I’m lucky indeed. I’m like… Is that for real when I saw the comment written by marc in my page. What a lucky dude I am, I get to be the first 25 users in Malaysia to test out Samsung’s SGH-L760 for 1 month until the contest ends.

*What’s TT? A lot of readers might wonder… what on earth does it mean? No, it’s not the T_T or TT emoticon used to describe that you’re crying/sobbing, but it’s known as ‘Teh Tarik‘ (abbreviation). In Malaysia, Teh Tarik is very popular and can be easily found in mamak shops. They use the word TT not to refer to the drink practically, but literally about gatherings and sessions with people in the community.*

-The L760 will be available in major European countries beginning late July and will be expanded into Asian countries-

Well, let’s jump to the main topic.

For some of the readers who still don’t know what or how does SGH-L760 looks like, you can refer here for a brief review about it. (Click here)

I captured a few photos of SGH-L760 but too bad they’re not with me now… will update them once I have the time.

It’s basically a blogging phone created by Samsung, which uses 3G function and ShoZu services to enable bloggers to update their blogs via their phone (a.k.a easy, fast, on the spot, real-time updates). Say you just captured a memorable photograph, or a blazing hot news, you can directly update it to your blog via this handphone. All it takes it’s just a few minutes of registration in ShoZu, getting your settings correct, and you’re ready to head the road and rock n’ roll.

Speaking about the TT program, I went there early (Ikano Power Center) and made my way to Fasta Pasta; just opposite Starbucks Cafe, and I manage to meet a few bloggers (Brian[goldfries], Syed, Zac, Joyce) and some of the other ‘passionate bloggers’ (I rather phrase them this way). BTW just in case you’re wondering Joyce is a guy. Otoko desu~*

Here are some pictures for the event (I got no camera… and majority of them are holding DSLRs… T_T)
[Courtesy of Brian from goldfries.com]

The counter
At the registration counter

Lining Up
Look at the queue of people… *Impatient*

Looks like everyone’s into testing their phones… Haha

Well, Samsung spokesman did do a live-demo for the blogging feature. Quite cool.

Well, after the session ended, we we’re invited over for lunch in Fasta Pasta. Well, it’s held there… so… *ahem* The food is nice… and best of all it’s free. Lol. Photo’s coming soon, still in my L760.

From what I’d experimented with my friends (Jeevan & Kwang), we find that there are some advantages and disadvantages having this phone. Well, there’s ought to be a balance in everything. Generally, the first glance on this phone gives you the feel good factor, as it looks sleek, thin, and elegant, just like business class phones. My guess is, it’ll look very outstanding on a businessman. It’s very light, with the weight of 92.8g.

I’ll keep the details for another post once I get my ‘description about the phone’ and photographs ready. Meanwhile, enjoy looking at the specifications of Samsung’s L760.

Samsung SGH-L760 Specifications

– Standard: UMTS / EDGE / Tri-band
– Camera: 2.0-Megapixel Camera + VGA Camera
– Display: 2.0-inch 262K-Color TFT QCIF LCD
– Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263 / H.264)
– Video Telephony & Streaming
– Music: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / WMA / WMDRM / MTP
– Background Music Play
– Dual Speaker
– Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP / USB 2.0 (FS)
– Mobile Blog, FM Radio with RDS, RSS Reader
– 30 MB (Internal) + External Memory Slot (microSD)
– Size: 99.5 x 47 x 15 mm
– Weight: 92.8 g

Till then, do come back for more updates about the phone. If you’re interested, you might click on the contest below, but it would be better if you participate later as I will be updating for the next few weeks, thus might give you a better idea about the phone and a more accurate survey.

techarp samsung contest

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. Some rights reserved. *for the first time xD*


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10 Responses to “ZOMG Samsung SGH-L760 3G Mobile Phone in Malaysia!”

  1. Aoshi(Jian Lee) Says:

    Dude, you’re gay. Your blog is gay and so are YOU.

    Just joking… nice phone. Can i have it?

  2. syed Says:

    Hey, same as my free phone! Nice to meet you, I posted your photo on my blog.

  3. thejuggernaut Says:

    …. aoshi…. as in aoshi88 😆
    …. Gay phone… so gay that its damn cool…
    i may buy it 😆

  4. chingy Says:

    I wanted to go for the event!

    But afraid got no friends. 😦


    I want to try the phone XDXD

  5. chingy Says:

    Ohyeah, I saw smahpop and rames in the pic! XD

  6. Dashken Says:

    Nice phone indeed! Too bad, I can’t make it. 😦

    Happy reviewing! 😀

  7. koko Says:

    guys i want program for this phon SGH-l760 any one can help me ??

  8. thejuggernaut Says:

    old post is old…

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