Life has something special in it which is worth pondering.

Anyway I’d promised sUBs to concentrate on malware removal in TSF rather than blogging or foruming in forums. It’ll be difficult to dump my blog away, so I’ll still blog (minimal activity) and moderate forums (UNiMAMS & MYT) [Note — UNiMAMS is DEAD =_=]

I shall prove to sUBs that I can graduate no matter what. He grad in 1 month, I’ll do it in this 3 months time (which totals up to 1 year ++)

Anyway, bought a new laptop, Dell Vostro™ (finally!) because I want to read my Java E-books. Also it’ll be useful for me to learn Java that way. RM4.3k, ordered last night, still haven’t receive any call from that receptionist, will keep on waiting.

While I was taking my bath just now I somehow got stuck in between my national service memories. Recalling what happened in the past, what I’d been through that 3 months with friends (true ones not those down the road buggers). I kinda regretted that I didn’t enjoy as much as possible with her… At least now I know where I’m wrong at and will not attempt the same way as last time. I am too serious about the relationship (as in too sensitve to her words), which in a way made me emotional at times. Ah well, glad I’d been through that.

“When you can’t have something forever, at least you experience it before”
— 不在乎天长地久, 最重要曾经拥有 —

Yes, I accept the fact that until now I still miss her. She’s the third girl that made me feel that way. The catch is, I’d been with her for just 2 weeks, and that’s the deepest impact I had all along. It’s weird right? I won’t call that lust or infatuation as I’m clear of what’s happening.

Hence. Back to the basics.

Love is… Love. Superficial, Bitch, Lifeless, Wonderful, Miracles, It all depends on which way it turned out to be. Subjective matter. You can’t judge love by it’s “cover”, can you?

I finally understand that. Now. *BTW, darklight79’s correct. You can’t expect love to turn out like Koream Dramas… Princess Hours? Nah, forget it. It might happen, rarely or occasionally. It’s never perfect at the first place*

So, I shall concentrate on my studies, malware removal community, friends, magic!, and others. Parents will still remain the top position of course, lol.

Guess life ain’t that dull afterall.

*Speaking about magic I know “Passing Thru”, “Edge”, “In Your Face”. Haha. =P*

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2 Responses to “IPonderz~*”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    nice… laptop…. a bit ex…. but wth… its yours finally!!!

  2. tan_pang Says:

    Google link me to here… 😛

    wow~ sUBs can graduate within a month?
    I have study in MRU for 2 months already… still in Freshmen+ usergroup… T_T

    Gambatte!! Let’s graduate together!!! v^v^v

    Hey, you also go to PLKN before? 😛
    same goes to me!!

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