In Before Flame War…


First of all… About something which happened this morning… When I woke up I just realised that I just had the most stoning but funny dream in my life… Not to say the most, but the effect is there. Yeah, it was blurry, and a group of people… and when some random guy talked to me “Tanya” come forth… Yeah (It’s like WTF when I can still remember my dream this morning, I swear I was as stoned as you guys might be now!) and somehow she bend down to me [I’m sitting], face distance less than an inch… Somehow… Ah well kissed. I’m like WTF then I woke up. LOL xD My heart was like… kena stun for 1 second. I thought what happened and to find out that it’s a dream when my Motteke Sailorfuku woke me up.

Ah well.

Sometimes people are jerks. They think that what they know is the fact. Censor people’s view. WTF. I wonder who gave them a blue pill which inflates their ego. Wait that sounded like Matrix… Lol

Torrentflux not bad, but hosting it is a pain in the ass. Hmm. BTW class canceled as the teacher is not there. Lol. Saw Tanya… and I’m a bit (acted naturally, instinct, reflex a bit weird)… Yeah. Maybe it was because of the dream or I’m attracted to her…

Last night’s UNiMAMS first meeting was quite a success. Management during the game process is not as good as how the “icebreaking team” did. Even mesiah came. I’m like… Wow.

Going back hometown soon… so need to prepare myself and format my comp… Pentium 3. Hmm. AI Assignments… Damn T__T

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One Response to “In Before Flame War…”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    what the fux?

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