Alright WTF


It’s just…WTF T_T

I’m just about to post my marker speech and everything seems fine until I refresh the page and some other analysts posted… I’m like oh noes… WTF T__T Lesson learned — Screw anything else, post marker first! =(

I finally understand why I said that love is superficial. For me to know for you to find out. I won’t take back this statement (call me a numbskull but yeah, who say it ain’t this way is a dimwit), although I shall foresee a blogflamefest coming soon.

It is superficial when you think that it’s superficial. It’s not when you think it’s not. It’s superficial when the opposite sex makes it superficial. It is superficial when lust covers your mind and you don’t give a shit to what ‘it’ really means, the pure side of it. It’s not superficial when you give all you have and get in return.

Maybe I think that love is superficial as the fact that I put too much hope in it until someone turned it to be deemed as superficial. Ah well.

When you’re outside of the box, you might have a clear view about it, but when you’re inside of the box, you can’t see the whole picture, and you’ll get lost. BUT, if you’re outside of the box, you will NEVER experience it first hand, and you will not know what you will act in that situation. That’s a contradicting fact, but it’s true. You see retards posting in CC asking for help (yeah somehow that includes me), and there will be some of the people that will ask you to move on, screw your partner, etc. Put yourself into their shoes (or even better try it out yourself), and you’ll regret as you’re now in DEEP SHIT.

What goes around comes around. I hope it’s true. I don’t hope much from life now, but at the very least I do hope that I have a life.

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One Response to “Alright WTF”

  1. nishu Says:

    its cool enuf to feel that you are alive .. nuthing more is needed

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