Java Is Not Too Bad Afterall…


Random Stuff to break the ice — I just saw a nigger in front of me printing dunno how many pages of documents, and my eyes blinked like LYN emoticon… Really startled. I’m like “how many fukking kreditsto you have in your account?” Sweat. My god. Sponsored by their government is a really different thing.

Anyway, yesterday joined Enigmatic to the gym, quite tiring, I still haven’t feel the effects yet until this morning… My waist.. Ah… *literally like broken waists in anime shows* Took my bread, bath, went for University. Went to the comp lab, checked my mail, and then lepak there for a while before I head for class in GD15. Aha, I saw Daniel’s baby… Lol. I’m a bit shocked to see her in the labs but at least she still remember me, and a standard wave. So I replied. I manage to catch a glimpse on what she’s doing before I left the room… Hotmail email… I wonder… Girls like to type emails don’t they?

Handed up my assignment, then after the teacher explained some stuffs then I’m like OH SHI- my way of doing it is different but I get the same answer “IINM”… So I sweated again. Ah darn, never mind.

Had lunch with Corcor, Enig didn’t join. Bought my multiplug. Programming Class… ah… went there… then delayed for like 30 minutes as the teacher (suxxors) doesn’t know how to use NetBeans… =_+||| anyway someone manage to kick the ball rolling and we started. I face difficulty at first, not used to the Java template (now it’s better, it’s just like JavaScript, it’s just that I need to memorise a new format of it) and more practice… Where the hell is my ebooks when I need them <__<

Manage to finish everything at last, chun chun 4pm. Jeevan called asking me about Kwang’s whereabouts. I’m a bit stoned as… I’m having a lab class, how the hell should I know?! Lol. That girl that work with Jon caught my attention… Ah yeah she’s late for class as well (Mathematics for Computer Scientists — She came in during tutorial, whole class stoned and laughed). *ahem* =W

Guess it’s time for me to get a life and start to workout in the gym lawl. xD Anyway, hope that I can decrease my activity in foruming and stuffs… it really turns me into a lifeless person… talk about lifeless, I got nothing better to do if I don’t lurk in the forums… and I got ebooks to read, tons of them in fact, but unfortunately they’re all in Jeev’s HDD and Enig’s. Hmm, this reminds me to convert that stupid *.djvu file to *.pdf on Enig’s comp. Later lah.

Guess I shall end this now, maybe I’ll read up something regarding arrays, or just head back home and sleep… zzZZzz

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved. *Being geeky doesn’t mean that you’re lifeless rite?*


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