ZOMG MUST POST — Conman Suing Lowyat.Net


Actually I’m doing my homework until I come across with lucifah’s post saying that someone’s suing Lowyat.Net, hence out of curiousity I went and have a look, and indeed it’s history. He’s the first retard who does so.

Details about the sue letter is available here:- Click Here

Here’s the PDF Version of the sue letter — http://www.lowyat.net/v2/images/stories/gtoracer_letter.pdf 

Here’s the discussion thread

It’s like cmon’ lah, you con people with your dirty tactics, and you earn RM400 per day, and yet you still want to burden people by suing them. Also, talk to other people’s parents (using psychology tactic to scare the opponent)… What the fuck is this shit. I believe in karma, and I hope that you’ll lose this lawsuit until your pants drop. I’m with you AK, and whole LYN supports you.

Waiting for news now. This is hot!

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One Response to “ZOMG MUST POST — Conman Suing Lowyat.Net”

  1. Aoshi_88 Says:

    I’m in ur blog raping ur wordpress.

    Anyway, LYN SHALL USE OUR l33tHAX!

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