Pain in the Eyes, Sore in the Heart


Ain’t it that way? After reading threads and posts in Lowyat.Net Cupid’s Corner, and some of practical real life experiences, I shall assume that love is superficial, undefined, and without discipline. Everyday people have problems in BGR (Boy Girl Relationships) and LDRs (Long Distance Relationship). Everyone has a life to go on, and yet we face this kind of “unavoidable” problems.

Yeah, some might have a stand that if you don’t think about it you’ll be fine… But I believe in fate and destiny. Every lil thing that happens, each very second is pre-planned. Not planned by us tho’.

Perhaps life’s ain’t that simple and complicated. Life’s everything and nothing. Contradiction again… My god.

Anyway, I did something ‘clever’ — I put my 100 Plus, a can of tuna, and a loaf of bread in teh freezer, and guess what my 100 plus turned into icicle… xD The effects are cool, when you open the cap it shoots out, damn cool.

While I try to jump to a conclusion I saw this:-

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)
The Bottom Line

Try to be more open toward the idea that people are full of surprises. Have faith.

In Detail
If people have been disappointing you in life lately, have faith that things will turn around soon — because they will! Try to be more open about the fact that people are full of surprises and sometimes when they make a gesture, offer up a compliment, or just smile your way, they can make your day. There are so many fresh possibilities just about to enter your life — what you need to do today is to let yourself believe that your future holds more happiness than you past ever did.

So I’m like WTFBBQPAWNED and I dunno what to do now. I’m scared of Murphy’s Law again. T_T Don’t think about it and start to do my homework should be teh best way.

It’s unfair when Kwang called me smallboy while Jon is still Jon. WTF is this shiat?! =_=

BTW, someone in the highlands messaged me last night, and I was freaking blur as usual, then someone from the northern region called me for like 31 minutes… Lao. Salutes, and I appreciate that call lol.

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