Emo Rant


It’s 00:24 26/09/2007. Just watched ‘Date Movie’ (a freaking parody and stoning show) and finished 2 packs of Koko Crunch, not to forget a bottle of Heineken. Was a bit dizzy at first and I got the flow. It tastes like water in the end. I remember that I mentioned something before bottom’s up, “To forget all of the bitches in this world” and there goes my final shot before placing my bottle on top of David’s car (Kwang, Jeevan, and Jon did that too xD)

Yes I’m a bit blur now but what can be worse from what I got back from girls… Why does God need to punish me this way… Yeah I know He can’t be blamed but what the heck… Love sucks… When girls treat you like a pussy whipped bitch. I’m typing this from Kwang’s lappie btw.

Should I lay all those bitches when I got the chance? Shall I be a jerk and follow the 6F? Find her, flirt her, finger her, fuck her, forget her, find next. Shall I satisfy myself with this way? Is this the only way?

Maybe I gave out my love too much. Hmm.

Ah yeah I’m stoning. *entering trance mode*

I guess I could fap to pictures? LOL xD Ah that was random.

If I were given a chance I will ask GOD what would he do if he were a human and face all kinds of shit that we faced after all these years. God shall have a way, I guess.

Or should I continue my prayers and follow Daniel’s path on becoming a true believer in my religion… The holy path. It’s gonna be tough then.

I wish I can emo everything out this freaking second, I can break into tears too. GOD what had I done until I need to face this kind of stuff… It’s not like I fucked someone before.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. Emo at times is a healthy sign.


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One Response to “Emo Rant”

  1. graceMark Says:

    I realize it is hard to recognize at this point, but, you seem to be searching for fulfillment in the wrong place.

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