Murphey’s Law Sucks


Serious. Both of ‘them’ called me… I’m like sweat. At first it was her, then I chatted with her for quite a period of time (about the denial of what happened in the room to my pet sis *ahemz* ). Anyway, yesterday went for Pasar Ramadan, nothing much to eat, so went to Seven Wonders. Jon’s coursemate followed as well. Ah well, that gang who hates lalas… = =

Anyway, I was so damn tired and I went back home after 1am. Daniel fetched me, and Happy Birthday to him today!  After several rounds of DotA and stoning moments, I went back and took a shower before heading for bed. Messaged both, and Konkek (my hometown fren). Never knew it was mooncake festival today. Lol. Until my friend send me a message.

Middle of the night 3.30am, ‘she’ called. I’m like wtf? Miracle indeed. Murphey’s Law suck. Talked for a while (about 20min +- from genting to here) *hint*

She changed. The way she talk, the way she think, and the way she act. My god. Sigh. Guess her bf is on my nerves, but I couldn’t give a damn anyway. She made me tired… T_T Can’t sleep. Heck. Anyway, at least we still keep contact. It’s Very Complicated™ relationship anyway. Just let it be then. No worries, hor SWK brother? 😉 *winks to sky*

When you least expect something, it might happen… When you’re expecting something to happen, it doesn’t happen. Sigh. So far I see that it’s true in feeling matters and imaginary situations *ahem* maybe I watched quite a number of anime… XD I still haven’t watch DGrayMan. Darn.

I do not believe in LDR. I’ll freaking chop off my head if it will turn out well for me, you can quote me on that. Girls nowadays most of them tak boleh pakai ady… Sad case. That’s why I won’t give a fuck about girls anymore. Moments of solitude might be good for me.

Lunch time, BRB.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. ARR.


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