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I finally manage to register in my university. Mr Paul mentioned that Business and Econs are not my core subjects (as I’m taking Degree in CS), he decided to give me another opportunity. Hence, I shall not slack, stop playing dota, magic, foruming, <insert here>, and perform well, VERY WELL for my first semester. I will have to meet them (Mr Paul and Mr Eric) again after I got my results for Semester 1 somewhere in the future.

Now playing — Ipohmali (Point Blanc) Lyrics Available Here.

Anyway, was searching for my lecturer’s personal site for handouts, and I somehow bumped into Ms Sri Fatimah’s paperwork. Damn cool weh, behold…


Extended Disambiguation Rules for Requirements Specifications
Sri Fatimah Tjong1, Michael Hartley1, Daniel M. Berry2
1Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science,
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus,
Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
2Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo,
200 University Ave. West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1

I’m like… wow. Lol. Wonder when will I reach her standards. Hmm. Ms please teach me! Onegai Sensei! =P

Today my heart felt a bit better as my registration stuffs finally done. But somehow don’t know what’s wrong with my mind, and my heart turned sour again when I chatted with Sam about National Service stuffs. I still can’t forget her… but the feeling is still the same. I still miss her somehow, not as much as last time. Last time was critical. Anyway, after 1 week (more or less) finally I got one message from her… and I didn’t feel happy about it. It’s just another forwarded message. I prefer a simple message saying that she’s fine and blablabla. Whatever.

I believe she replied *only after* my message for her.

I hope tat I won’t fade away from your memory… Walking on this lonely bridge alone.
22-Sep-2007 4:42am

I’m back to campus
19-Sep-2007 3:42am

It’s been one long week for me. Indeed. Guess my life’s turning point is here, finally. Likewise what Jeevan mentioned before, everyone will meet it someday. I guess mine came a bit too late. Very shocking way in fact. Guess the saying is true, humans will never learn how to treasure something important to them until the moment they lost it.

What is love? 爱是什么?什么是喜欢?喜欢和爱又有什么不一样?

Perhaps Love… wait, it’s an OST from Princess Hours xD Lyrics Here

Yes, my university has quite an amount of girls now, thank god, although it’s still the same rule that applies. “Can See Cannot Touch, Once Broken Consider Sold”.

At times I really wonder… Since human is created by a composition ratio 3(soul):7(feelings), if only I hit my forehead hard enough just to knock ‘that love feeling’ out of me… What will happen by then? Will I turn into a merciless bastard? NoLove? Wait, NoLove[is my friends nick xD Pro online game player I met in NS xD]…

So it’s the truth that my camp sucks. Other camps guys and girls can talk to each other face to face. Kem Jiwa Murni my ass lah. Change name to Kem Boleh Jadi(shit happens inside) or Kem Jiwa Kacau (serves you right).

To tell the truth, if it weren’t NS, I doubt I would be as somehow “mature” (in a sense yes) than before. Hope I ain’t cheating myself about that lawl xD


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