One Downside For SE W850i


Yeah, no crossfade between songs. There’s fade when you receive messages or when you initiate a call, but there’s no crossfade between songs…

If only there’s a setting for it, it’ll somehow be better than Winamp or WMP lol xD

I’m gonna post a review of W850i soon, I guess. =s

Till then brb, and yeah pardon teh lyrics… It pushed all my current topics to the backpage. Never mind, it’s not like I got a lot of blogreaders anyway lawl xD

©eXXie 07. ARR.


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One Response to “One Downside For SE W850i”

  1. Imran Says:

    First and foremost, the W580i is light. Very light. It doesn’t even seem as heavy as the slight 3.3 ounces claimed. Yet, it feels solid.

    The W580i is a slider with most of the action on an unusual button array.

    Sliders being my weakness, this one has just the right spring action. If there’s a glitch it’s that I wish it had a little thumb bar (like the Motorola z3 or z6) instead of having to push it open from below the keypad. But closing it from the top is easy and makes that hefty sound that people notice and like.

    Call reception is outstanding and battery life huge. I’ve gotten 7 hours, though it claims 9 hours talk time. Speaker is clear, volume just fine.

    But let’s remember, this is a Walkman phone. That means music and song quality need to be great, and I think they are. It’s got gimmicks that aren’t real businesslike (you can flick your wrist to hear a new song; the sides light up in one of 16 color selections when you get a call) but then nothing about this phone is supposed to be businesslike! It’s fun.

    The buttons on the side of the phone are for volume (or brightness in photo mode) with most all other controls are accessed via a menu and the highly unconventional array of buttons that are media-centric when the phone is closed. When slid open, you expose the more typical T9 phone keypad.

    Also exposed by sliding is the unusually mounted 2.0 megapixel camera which I find takes quite good images. It peeks up like a periscope when you use the slider — and that’s the only way to use it so you’ll find yourself opening and closing this phone a lot.


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