It’s not Ipod, it’s just me that’s blurring all the time. Yeah, I stone a lot. In fact I’d been stoning for the past 2 days when Jeev and Kwang went back to Klang while Jon went back to his house as well. Man 2 days around 2.30am only walk back to my house in TTS5 it’s just hectic and tiring. It’s dangerous too… Walking back alone…

Quite sad too as everytime I walk through that bridge my memories will kick in again. Don’t know why, but there seem to be no logical reason for it.

So, been happy a bit and sad a lot because of that. Anyway, I’m more used to my room now compared to last time.

And poor amyhs99 got fucked by his friend for no reason… When I listen to his story I’m like… zhardou. WTFBBQSAUSEPASTAPAWNEDEGGFRIEDMAYOCOPTER — Hence my logical sense tells me to tell him to GTFO after taking back his computer peripherals which he lent to his friend.

Also, hoping for the best to happen tomorrow… I will create a miracle lol xD

©AC07. ARR.


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