Review — Note of Love / 什么是爱? (Pics)


Ah, that day Kwang brought me and Jeevan to MidValley for a local homemade film named Note of Love / 什么是爱. This is the review for it. So enjoy, I know my review sucks but please bare with me lol

Main actress — Ms Alice Tan (Kwang’s cousin sister xD)

Brief Intro – 40 year old man stumbles upon his son’s love letter and finds love again amidst the clutter… a 5 year old boy begins to have that funny feeling inside… this is their little ordinary journey.

The story starts with the main actress Ms Alice walking with a lil girl along a pathway. Then they saw the cherry and she plucked it for the lil girl. A lil boy from the other side of the path sat down there looking at them. He grinned from ear to ear when he saw that lil girl being happy. So the story starts from there.

Then Daniel Lee (MI) came into play with his girlfriend (Malay). So I’m like o_O and continued stoning. Blablabla~

In short, that lil boy likes Alice, then confessed to her, and became her “boyfriend”. Alice on the other hand, attached, and treats him as a little brother. While her boyfriend is not impressed and asked her to stop it. Then the little boy finally notice that he got ‘special feelings’ for the lil girl and he claimed that he finally know what’s love.

Daniel on the other hand was dating a Malay girl, and his father found out when he looked into his letters. Daniel was upset at first while his girlfriend comforted him. Then, he brought her back for dinner, and coincidently(lol) his parents cooked a roasted boar(or pig)… and his girlfriend said… “Babi…..” I lol-ed xDDDDDD Anyway, his dad’s so cool. Went out just to buy a pack of fried rice for her. So Daniel continued writing letters and his dad peeked. After that, his dad straight away copy his idea and practice it to his wife… That’s uber cool. I laughed out loud in the cinema xD It’s just plain funny.

All in all, everything turned out well, heck, even the flower seller got married lol.

Here are the photos… heh. Taken by SE w850i.

This is so wrong but… what the hell =P


This ownz!

Wow… *drool*

Drops jaw… Lol =P


Yao finally gets the right flower but the wrong colour

Almost faster than rabbits, the newly weds await their first child

Arumugam and Ming are still single and available

So are most of the film crew

Overall – 7 out of 10
Humour – 7 out of 10
Meaningful – 9 out of 10
Acting – 5 out of 10

Notes — Recommended watching. This is the first malaysian made movie that I’d ever praised. LOL.



One Response to “Review — Note of Love / 什么是爱? (Pics)”

  1. ninehneh Says:

    hi there. Glad you liked the movie 🙂 It was a concentrated effort to get the film done on a tight budget and timeframe.

    Feel free to drop comments for the director here :

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