Global Terrorism?

Collective Political Violence in the 1990’s combined 1 [82nd of 159]
Convention on aircraft offences 5-Mar-85
Convention on civil aviation safety 4-May-85
Convention on seizure of aircraft 4-May-85
Global Terrorism Indicator 1 [85th of 160]
Number of Known Terrorist Organizations Present 2 [27th of 56]
Terrorist Acts > 1968-2006 > Deaths to incidences ratio 8.461538462 Deaths per act [6th of 162]
Terrorist Acts > 1968-2006 > Fatalities 110 [35th of 161]
Terrorist Acts > 1968-2006 > Incidences 13 [90th of 165]
Terrorist Acts > 1968-2006 > Injuries 11 [95th of 164]

Sweat weh…

Anyway, Malaysia still have more McD outlets compared to Singapore… But in terms of outlets/size of the country Singapore pawnz Malaysia flat on the floor. Sad case.


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