Lonely Boring Day (Pics)


Played Serious Sam 2 until 2.30am. Lol. So yesterday went home and slept until 8.30am when I got chilled from top to toe. I regret putting the air-cond at 18C (as it’s an old aircond, and I thought it’s not powerful. Lol >”<) wash up as usual… Bath before I head for campus.

Went to the comp lab, checked my pc, and went to cafeteria for lunch. It’s like god knows how long since I last ate there. Lol. Really a period of time. Anyway, bought coupons, ordered what I want (as usual White Rice with Cantonese Gravy for RM4), went to the shop outside to stock up for my night meal. The moment I went back to my sitting place, I was shocked to see this… First time in my life, and my impression towards the staff changed… I smiled.

They used a cover to cover my food. How caring. =))

Also I got a banana because macha got no change and he gave me a banana instead. Lol.

In Memory of My Honey SiewG Sean with 2 Straws As Usual

So later on after my lunch, alone, I head back to my comp(latest hijacked comp last night and got reformatted again) and the IT staff told me to move to another computer as they’re closing that section for servicing(heck, they’re creating new images, thank god I’d back up all the stuffs I DL-ed, thanks to the Admin acc if not I can’t copy shit to Jeevan’s External HDD) Later on after they’d finish with their routine, I saw something catchy. I know my English sucks but hey, I never knew that in TISCRA1 there’s a section call “Close” lol xD

They left out the two alphabets — “ed”

Anyway, I moved away and started hijacking again. Blablabla, and I manage to make MSN working. In my last post I’d elaborated. Thanks to Weroth I can watch anime in peace with SOUND. In fact I’m blasting my songs from my w850i connected via USB cable to Jeev’s Headphones (Philips SHS390). Maybe I should use his headphones for phone calls… XD

So after that went for dinner. Ate, satisfied, walked back home. On the way I snapped 2 pictures, and on the way back to campus I took another picture. Further details below.

Went back, took a quick nap, bathe, prayed. Now my whole room smell like Kemenyan =P

Once I arrived at campus, dashed to IT lab, and typed this. What a lonely day. Also, today while walking to Cafeteria for dinner, flashbacks of my memories with her (last day Khidmat Komuniti) where I hugged her and took a photograph [Till now I still haven’t got it >”<].

Love is like a virus. You compromise with it, and it’ll attack you back someday. It’s a matter of time. If you remove it, it’s gone forever, but, sometimes you’ll miss the thrill of having it. If you don’t care about the virus, it won’t mutate and sit there as a redundant file (boot sector infection 10 years back). True or not? Maybe for me it is because I’m a geek and I like virus (at times, NOT EVERYTIME xD)

I just hope that I could LET GO.

Took this while walking back home. To me it’s nice.

Wee purple flying sperm… xD

Day and Night, The Couple’s Bridge never changes, but I’m still alone, waiting for that someone to hold me in her arms there.

©eXPeri3nc3 2007. All rights reserved.


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