Roller coaster <_< (Pics)


*Crap this entry is jumbled up because of the < __ < emoticon… fucking glitch*

Yeah, life’s a roller coaster indeed. Let me post about what happened a day before and the movie review before continuing today’s post.

20 Sept 07 — Yesterday ain’t much happening, woke up late in the morning, damn tired. Jeevan with his usual stuffs again. Dragged myself off the bed and wash up. Breakfast, erm, it was Gardenia bread with Tuna. *Yummy* went to UNiM comp lab, and those who need to attend classes left, I’m alone in the lab. Before that I was with Kwang, watching Lucky Star in SA. Surfed here and there, called Ms Kwan in the morning to settle my stuffs, and thought I need to go and represent UNiMAMS for the CS Meeting. Kwang brought me and Jeevan to Midvalley for a movie named “A Note Of Love” / “什么是爱” — A local made film, starring Alice Tan (Kwang’s cousin sister)

We rushed to the scene after alighted from the KTM, and entered the cinema. There was only like 4 people in the cinema, including us and another guy. No girls… Damn sad T__T

Anyway, I thought it’s gonna be like a damn boring movie… waste ten bucks… But then I’m more than happy to take back what I’d said before, this movie roxxors~*! Yeah, it’s stoning at times, but it’s darn funny. You really can’t expect those scenes in any types of movies besides homemade movies… It rox ur sox!

All the details of the movie will be included in my next post – movie review.

And so the movie blew my blues away… It was fun. Thank god I went for it! It was 8.30pm when we head for the nearest food court (it was just beside lol) and had our dinner. Kwang and I ordered the beef noodle thingy (not bad lah) while Jeevan ordered Tepanyaki which caused him around RM10+- Someone’s feeling generous indeed… haha… Ah yeah Jeevan ‘belanja’ me for my movie tickets… (RM10)… Thanks dude! Don’t worry, my review will have courtesy to Jeevan’s Movie Ticket xD

While I was eating, some girl came beside me and put down a keychain and a small piece of laminated paper. Being hungry and finishing up my final sip of noodle I couldn’t give a damn about her. I never even noticed her face. Then, my hand reaches it and I was shocked to see the text. She’s deaf(IINM) and cannot talk. They’re selling the keychain as a charity, one for RM6 and two for RM10. Jeevan, being generous that day, bought one and Kwang ‘sapu’-ed one as well. I was dead broke, and… ah well. There will still be other time to do charity. =) I’m not a jerk anyway, although I might be a numbskull at times xD

The Keychain Jeevan bought from that girl.

After our meal, walked around, Kwang withdrew his money, and I sat down there waiting for them (Jeevan disappeared, forgot his intention of doing so) Glanced into a shop named ‘MCKY’, and saw a girl stoning looking towards my angle. I was a bit… Like you know, o_O, and looked away. Seconds later, I gave another quick glance and it’s the same result. I’m like swt and gave another shot for 2 secs and turned away. I wonder why I’d turned away… But I should have looked longer. xD No really, Marius Panzarella was correct, prove yourself to be a man and not scared of other eye-contacts available. Damn I learnt my lesson.

If it weren’t for my hair I would have walked to her and say hi. (Excuses xD) She’s so kawaii…. goth loli xD Nyakuuuu =3

I swear I’ll go back to that shop again when I’d the chance. Anyway, got my choco sundae while Kwang got a latte sundae. Jeev on the other hand went into Carrefour and got his stuffs. Walked back to the KTM (me during that moment was stoning as I fail to say hi to that girl, and I saw another couple directly opposite of me hugging, and I saw a girl wearing short skirt *ahem*) Anyway, manage to took a shot of our destination — “Sere an” xD

Yeah Sere an… = = Seremban turned into sere an… <_”< banana here) I’m listening to it now too… Swt.
Meaningful lyrics, that ‘day’ (Ipoh trip to fix pc) this song kicked in (thanks to Chee). Sigh~*

The funny part kicked in when Kwang and Jeevan was discussing about politics, I, for one who knows jackshit about it got stoned as well. We went down the train after hearing someone saying, “ah, it’s kajang”. So we went down, I walked through the machine, while the other two waited for their queue as they’re using Touch and Go. As we walk past the station we notice something different… Why the hell the machines are located here not there(usual place), and why the roads changed. I looked forward, and notice several high apartments stood proudly in front of us… then I swt-ed. Kwang noticed it too and asked where were we… Then I gave a quick look at the station and said, this ain’t Kajang. Shit happens… = = and we dash back to the commuter. Thank God it’s in a station before Kajang (as the commuter WILL stop there and wait for a while). I forgot the name of the station… Swt. It was an unforgettable experience, never in my life I’d tried that. Lol. I never want to try it again <__”< So, I made my ‘last’ trip to the admin office to ask them for an EPF requesting letter, and I was told that I need to enroll first as my name is STILL UNDER FOUNDATION IN CSIT. I’m like WTFBBQPAWNEDBIGTIMEKAOKAOSAUSE. Then called my dad and headed to the toilet. After I came out the toilet… another “out-of-the-blue” situation happened.

I messaged Ee Yin and Kwang and told them I’d lost my hope… and replied to their messages. I asked God, “I thought you say that everything’s gonna be fine? Why on earth this happened to me now?” and I stoned. I saw Mr Paul Boardman, and he waved to me (I was like… ah?) then I waved back. Walked a few steps and asked myself whether should I ask him or not… My instincts and body suddenly gave it a try. So I asked him about the University’s Policy about resits and he claimed that it’s true. “What are you thinking?”, and I told him the whole story. He asked for my name, shook hands, and he introduced himself (that was funny… “I’m Paul Boardman, and I bet you know me already… *laughs*” lol) then continued on with the story. He asked me a few questions [Whom did I talk to, did I receive the letter from the Uni saying that my scholarship got pulled back, what course I’m in, what is my result, why did my result dropped, how many marks I’m off-sketched etc] Answered everything politely, and he ask me not to worry about it. He ordered me to tell Mr Eric to send him my transcript and said “have a good weekend”. That’s fucking cool stuff over there! So I said “Same to you too sir” and said thank you before dashing up to the office again. I summoned Mr Eric, and his face expression was like “ah… you again ah” lol. You’ll get what I mean. I told him I spoke to Mr Paul, and the other staff looked at me (it’s like they can’t believe their ears) and I delivered the order. So he asked me to send my transcript to him.

So, I went back to the IT lab, and on the way told my dad, Kwang and Ee Yin about it. Ee Yin called me too. Talked for a while, and she suggested me to tell Wai Yee (the one who’s in-charge of my scholarship thingy last time before she went to Sunway <_”< BTW, rapiddown ownz! tho rapidshare links will halt at times. I got a screenshot while everything’s still running… =D

I’m on my walkman phone now, listening to Sakura Biyori. My Chipsmore is about to finish. Damn.

Alright, just hoping for miracles to happen, the best to happen, and the best to come! I shall continue with my movie review then.

Pictures Time



Rukia and Kon =3

Wow Gashapons!

Random Shot, tattoo-ed neck… x_x

Mokonna Family
The new addition to the party… I mean kwang’s car. *ahem*

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