Ah yeah, I went back campus now… Arrived yesterday evening, went to register *and shit happens again* So gotta wait for today. Yesterday night was a bit blur and stoning. Anyway, was sad because shit happened and hoping this ‘shit’ will go away. I shall continue my journey after that. So, was moping my room’s floor when Jeev called up asking if I want to go to Kwang’s house or not… So I followed.

I saw my box of ‘3 month’s old unwashed’ laundry. Damn. Since that Penang trip… Gotta sort it out today. Saw Kwang’s new Hp, Jeev’s rig, that cute big black Mokona… *wub* *wub* and Jon’s room (Used to be Daniel’s… teh cursed room lawl xD) Heck, now I’d slept in almost anywhere in the house besides the Kitchen and the Store Room xD I slept in Jeev’s room. Was so fucking screwed when my tangkai broke and all the sand came out… My tangkai! T__T SWK drew an amulet on it… Damn.

Never knew that the TISCRA computers turned into such a state. Using Windows ActiveDirectory. It seems cool. But gonna infect it soon enough xD No la, I won’t and don’t want to breach the rules… <___< Shit happens in life, might as well stay in the normal line.

And yeah, a simple “ok muaks” message made me smile. When I was down. Haha.

It’s just that working in Genting at night makes me wonder… How stressful it might be. Messaged received 3.40am. I’m like… erm… Swt? Anyway, not much hope.

BTW, I notice girls walking around the campus now… It seems to be more lively now. I do not know… But… I ain’t into it.




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