Erm, I dunno…


Forgot what happened lately… Not to say completely forget, I just forget the particulars. Lol. All I know now that I have to start studying again, and NS life will be a part of my memory, and I’ll move on. It’s kinda sad a few days before (because of Sean), but now I got a better hold of myself. Thank god I went to Ipoh to help my pet-sis to fix her computer problems (Which is caused by the China version of SDO Online bundled with CNSMIN… I’m like WTF that crap again), and stayed overnight there (I never knew this would actually happen, usually my parents WON’T allow me to, it’s a freaking miracle!) and stuff happens… Was sad again (because of my *ahem* “it’s complicated” relationship a few years ago) but then everything turned out quite well. I can’t write what happened that night (16/9/07)in an unpassworded post =P

Anyway, morning woke up, prepared my combat utilities (discs, pendrive), my stuffs (deo, listerine, etc), clothes, etc. Surfed a while then dad fetched me out for lunch and I took a bus to Ipoh (missed express bus damnit!) By the time I reach Ipoh I’m half stressed out (as I usually sleep on the bus during travel, but I’m alone this time) and it seemed like it’s gonna rain. Called my pet-sis to tell her to fetch me, and I went to McD for toilet. xD

Fetched me, then the sky poured heavily. Can’t manage to really top the rain tho (with my hand-canceling sign [Don’t ask me how I do it, I won’t teach you lol] ), but at least it stopped in the end. Lol.

Arrived to my pet-sis’s house by around 5 something, rest for a while, look at her computer’s condition, then had dinner. After dinner, went up, started working ady. Chee came. I’m like… Short pants… *drool* xD No la, it’s just my first time seeing her in short pants. Nothing much actually. She’s just… Em… Beautiful? Nice legs btw. *ahem*

Chatted a while (It’s always the same scenario with her, we’ll stone there, talk a few words, silence for the whole day/night). I continue on with my fixing, dunno what my sis is doing, and I’m cursing all the way when I can’t fix that SDO problem. Malware problems, a fire with combofix (old ver tho’, new one refused to run), then some leftovers and tadaa, clean pc.

At night, she stayed over as well. Online in MSN, chatted with You Yuen, asked me to be strong. I promised him I will. In fact I never have that sorrow feeling anymore when I step foot in Ipoh. Dunno why. Still think about that problem at night when we (me, my pet-sis, her) discussed in her room. Stoning all the way, she stoned as well. Natural cool attitude and stoners. Lol. Never knew that I’m wearing the same chain as she wore. Kuanyin of Thousand Hands… and my memory still serves me well. My mum and her mum went to Nazha temple and got that for US. No wonder. I only saw once in Genting where a girl (hot chick, but I’m just 12~+- that time) wore the same chain as mine. I’m like, waaa miracle. Lol. I got double pawned when she’s wearing the same. Coincidence. Took supper at a local restaurant (Chicken Hor-fun ownz =D)

Near Taman Boon Bak

Chatted about love matters, personal matters… Problems faced… BGR Relationships… Stoning… Took photos… Lalala… Ate ‘Tiger’ biscuit in the middle of the night (2 am) lol. Slept at around 4.30am when we’re all collapsing lol. Details in next post.

Morning, woke up around 8.30am (my pet-sis room’s air-cond too powderful ady)… Blurry eyes… Washed my face and continue fixing her SDO… Watched Bleach 140 too. Woot. Took breakfast at around 10 something in the morning. Still blur, and didn’t talk much with her. Until afternoon when we dressed up and went out to window shopping, it rained heavily again. Damn cold lol. Reached Parkson Grand at around 2.30pm… Hungry like hell… Went to the food court straight away for lunch, and sat there a while, and shit happens. Will elaborate more later. Dull atmosphere indeed. Walked around… walk walk walk, sit down a while… walk walk walk, sit down… The cycle goes on. Ate ice-cream… walk walk walk, sit down, blurring again… until 5 something when my pet-sis’s pet-bro came and fetch us. (My pet-sis has a lot of pet-brothers and pet-sisters =_= weird but true) His name is ‘Leong Fun'(Cincau) and it just came to me and ask him, where’s ‘Tau Jing'(soya bean) xD

Reformatted her pc again, fix tweak fix tweak then tadaa… Final step, and rock and roll. Chee’s sad because of that ‘incident’, and I’m sad because I never had the chance to tell her and shit happens. Been dull, then took dinner. Took my bath after they’d finished theirs (Elaine, Poh, Chee) [Yea I know Poh Chee sounds like newspaper but hey they’re twins xD]

Chatted with Chee… *censored* packed my stuffs… copied photos… Last prep before leaving the house… *censored* *censored* *censored* and Steven came back… Fetched me home after dropping the twins back to their house. I went home straight away, dropped by McD Drivethrough Ipoh (damn kaw slow), reach home around 1am plus. @.@ Mum was not pleased, but hey, I enjoyed at least. Lol. Nagged a bit and slept.

Today’s Agenda (17/9/07) — Woke up in the morning, helped mum, went to Wen Bin’s (amyhs99) house, watched Bleach the MOvie – Memories of Nobody. Teh animation, drawings, effects rocks! Way better than the series. Too bad Ichigo doesn’t have Vaizard powers… and the end was… sad but meaningful. Nice.

Went back home for tea-time, took a quick nap, and typed this until now.

©eXPeri3nc3 07. ARR.

Here are the following random shots I took with my W850i.

Some random shot
Random Shot

My Pet-Sis Computer Room, messy…

Ipoh Street
A shot in Ipoh Main Street

Ipoh Parade Parkson Grand
Rainy day, on the way to Ipoh Parade Parkson Grand

Princess Hours
Took this while walking… Princess Hours! *wub*

Popular Bookstore, so cute… Chinese Marriage gift paper *wub*

Inside Parade
Top Shot from second floor…. Took this shot when I’m bored >”<

Bakery Store
Wow, so many hot breads! Delicious~*

On The Phone
She’s talking on the phone… *wub*


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