Scrap (8/9/07)


End of NS. Finally. Felt happy and sad at the same time, one of the main reasons are I can finally heave a sigh of relieve because my responsibility ends there. But, I’ll part ways with my honey. That’s the worst part. I cried out during ‘Lambaian Kasih’. She did too. Heck, even Kim and Keong poured. The sweetest thing I could get from her is her smile. Damn sweet =3 Finally, physical contact with her increased. hands, cheeks, neck, etc. Ah yeah, I kissed her for the third time(raining, back corner near the canteen). Wanna give her a goodbye kiss but the chance didn’t came. And so, Keong’s staying overnight in my house, we went out this evening, cybercafe, drink tea, walk around. Nothing much. Just that I really miss her~* Tired, gotta sleep… zzz

Sidenote* –  not in diary – We have our private time before our parents came, beside the canteen. That’s the best time.
Her smile during lambaian kasih was the sweetest smile I saw since she’s in NS. I swear. I really melted (literally). There’s also a recording on what we’d said (Keong, Kok Hin, and me) during drinking session in Bandar Baru 22min… Damn funny shit. xD


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