Scrap (5/9/07)


Decrypted the message she wrote. It’s kinda true that I don’t know how to love a girl with my heart. =(( Been throguh today’s rehearsal, I got sunburned. Dang. She called me ‘honey char siu’ swt… Enjoyed every single moment with her. How I wish I can stop time. I fail to be with her tonight, I felt so sorrow. I really never felt this feeling before. Is this really love? I would like to find out. Heck, screw the teachers, I’m gonna collect my guts and go ahead. Screw the shyt’s gonna happen. Had some arguements with my parents on the phone, gonna sort it out tomorrow. If I meet her earlier, I mean my honey, I can bet 100% my love life in NS will not be as mother*g sucky as the first
one. My choice will never be wrong, it’s just that the present one is way “the” better. Just because she read this page doesn’t mean that I’ll praise her intentionally. I am wrong about spending money, now only I understand that you can find money, but you CAN’T use money to buy love. Ah yeah I wrote a small note for her, I passed it to Kelly, hope that the message is sent. Once, she mentioned that she doesn’t know how much I love her, but she’s happy to be with me. Let me tell you blog readers something… I don’t know how much she loves me, but, one thing’s for sure, I won’t play with love. If I really love someone, I won’t flirt with others. I dislike to play with people’s feelings, as I believe in karma. I do not know what will happen for the rest few days, but i really hope that miracles gonna happen. I create miracles (Yes I do, just that when will it kick in =( ) Heck, if I have hair now, I can bet that I can be as (more) handsome than her outside world boyfriend!


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