Scrap (30/8/07)


Yes, a lot of stuffs happened recently. Kem ‘Boleh Jadi’ should be the name. I swear to god I can’t believe what I’d experienced these few days, it’s like a trip to heaven and hell. I’m in the middle of a gathering, tomorrow’s Merdeka (Independence Day), so it’s gonna be a late night event. I’m drenched with perspiration now, beret filled with sweat and ‘jambul’, scaft, and anklets. Woot. I shall elaborate later as it’s time to rock and roll. wish me all da best yo. EDIT – Quick update. Lost my sport tracksuit, made Keong mad at me because of miscommunication with the teacher (my sport shoes), the power of Siamese Tangkai (the god which close it’s face with both hands), total migrain. But all in all, I hope that it’s gonna turn out well. I do not wish to SCREW it up again. BRB.


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