Scrap (24/8/07)


Alright, time for detailed explanation. Important points as usual. Did stuffs which what I would do (e.g. help people, my job). Nothing much in particular besides the fact that majority of Bravo Coy hate me very much. I do not know why, I wanna know why as well. Anyway I slept in Alpha Coy several times, and I’m gonna stick to it till the end of the camp. Today Sean told me that she saw ‘stuffs’. Thank god I gave her my amulet. In fact, she has one which is very “the” powderful. Very. Keong straight away naik roh 4 times in a row after seeing that. I’m like swt when Tiger General, Kariyama (angry version), Nazha, SunWuKong (in order). I froze there for a few sconds. =O Anyway enjoyed Sigu’s birthday party. They gave me an opportunity to hold her hands for the first time. In fact we actually “kissed”. Lol. Too bad I can’t stay in Taiping for 3 days holiday. =(

Sidenote* – Not in diary – The game is actually about Twisties eating. She put it in her mouth, and I have to eat it with my
mouth. As usual there will be people pushing our heads together and that’s how we kissed.


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